Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Six Months

Hi guys!!! I am writing a little post today telling you that I have been blogging for 6 months now! It's technically been longer than that, but, I am just rounding off here.

Look at my blogger t-shirt from the google store (ok, it's not mine)-
isn't it cool!?! I should have bought hundreds of them and sent them to my bloggy friends. (goes real well with that skirt, eh? Not.)

I thought it would be a good idea to re-evaluate things around here, and I would love and appreciate a few minutes of your time, because I would not have my blog if it wasn't for you. SO if you could answer one or more of the following questions, you would really make a girls day:

*Why do you read my blog? Meaning, what is it that has you coming back and visiting?

*What do you like about my blog? Or what am I doing wrong?

*What would you like to see more of or read more of on my blog?

*What would you say my blogs identity is? (I can't seem to pinpoint it)

Thank you so so much in advance! 

And for funzies, I thought I'd post
a few of my very first posts;
(so interesting how I've grown
into this blog thing over time):

Simplicity (wow, this one has typos, and my pictures are small and there are NO comments-too funny!)
There Is Something About The Sunlight (here I use the word simplicity again, LOL)
Cute Carafe (what's the saying? You've COME A LONG WAY BABY?!! Ok, it's not that bad)
Monster Tree (starting to get the hang of it)
Twenty (about having my daughter at a young age)

And for a few popular posts:

A Minute
You'd Be Surprised
A Cute Valentine
Girl Behind the Blog/Vlog
Wall Art (using clip frames)

Here's me in San Francisco pigging out on donuts. I always have to find a donut shop wherever I am on vacation, always. I am relentless- re lent less. when it comes to sweets, especially donuts. I have to get my donut on. And I am a pain in the butt for others trying to track down donut shops. I can't help myself. POW.
This donut shop had a cute name too, what a bonus--THE HAPPY DONUT.

Oh, I'm also feeling stressed about getting my month in photos done (I made a commitment to participate in that this year, so I have to get my collage made, and I'm frustrated that I haven't gotten my California pictures up yet :o, bear with me). I just don't want like picture overload, what do you think? You don't have to tell me that's ok.

Love you all, and peace to each and


Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS said...

I read your blog because you have ORIGINAL CONTENT! I'm always inspired by your spirit and courage to write about very personal topics. I just think you're a very good, genuine, sweet person. You go out of your way to be kind and sincere. I just love ya :)

HopeUnbroken said...

well, i'm sitting here trying to remember how i even found you. but i have come to love you :-)
beauty seeker.
that says it all to me, and i love reading your perspective on life. there isn't any one thing i come here looking for, other than to see how God is revealing His artistry, His beauty, in your life and part of the world. that's what it's all about, right? sharing our stories?
i read some blogs because they have a "theme" they stick to. you--i read because you have a variation on a theme. and i am constantly reminded to be looking around me for the beauty that He displays so brilliantly in the everyday"ness" of life.
thanks for sharing who you are with all of us.

Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

I read your blog because of its honesty. There are so many things I love about it: your photos, stories about raising your daughter, your insight and wisdom and so much more!!! Love the donut photo! I wish I had one :-)

Liza said...

I keep reading and coming back because you're so raw, open and real with what you are going through.

You're life hasn't been easy, yet you are still finding Joy in the LORD. That's such an encouragement to me, because that's something I struggle deeply with.

I love all the pictures you take. Your blog is just a nice snap-shot of who I feel you truly must be.

Mary said...

why do i read your blog?
1. because you are a beautiful soul, and your writing shows that.
2. because i don't feel like God puts people in my path for no reason, and He certainly blessed me by meeting you!
3. because you have a tender love deeply, therefore you hurt deeply sometimes, and you aren't afraid to be vulnerable.
4. our blogs are a reflection of who we are, and your is no just makes me so thankful to have met you.
5. i am reminded to pray for you whenever i see you.
blessings sweetie!
i hope we can have coffee some day.

Creating Through LIFE said...

HAPPY 6th month + a little more anniversary!

I read your blog because I find you to be a blessing and encouragement. I know God led me here.

I like everything about your blog! I like that you put lots of pictures of yourself. I don’t do that on my blog…I’m not sure what I’m afraid of.

I enjoy reading your poetry and I can’t get enough.

As far as your blogs identity, it’s YOU. I think… of course I don’t know you personally but I would say that it’s a representation of who you are. That’s a GOOD thing!

Keep it up and don’t get burned out, take a brake if you need one. Keeping up with a Blog can be harder than people think and we want you around for another 6 months and more.

I hope you grow more than you could ever have imagined in the next 6th months!

SymbioticLife said...

So, I came here and keep coming back because of how much I enjoy seeing life through your eyes. You share unselfishly every aspect and hold no punches. It can be really hard to do that. Very scary stuff sometimes to let ourselves be vulnerable to a bunch of strangers. I relate too well how easy it can be to slip into the muck that life can throw at us and admire your continuous efforts to find the beauty in life and keep perspective. Some call it faith or the holy spirit but I can't say for certain what any of it is, only that it's as necessary to me as it is to breathe.

Perhaps this isn't savvy of me but I don't feel the need to give a blog an "identity". It's been fabulous watching you grow with your blog over the past 6 months. What I've noticed is that the best blogs develop an "identity" over time as they evolve and those blogs have the greatest longevity. The blogs that try to force an identity too quickly or try to grow too quickly are usually the shortest lived.

I think it's alright to have picture heavy moments on the blog. It's a reflection of what's happening in your mind and life. ;)

vintch said...

i read you because you have one of the strongest, most beautiful hearts for Christ i've ever seen. because you're honest, even when it hurts. because you are tender and sweet and have a gorgeous eye for detail.

your blog identity? why, a beautiful child of God, of course!

love you sweet friend! and love your quest for adventure, and doughnuts:) xoxo

ash said...

hurray for six months!

i read your blog because, like so many have said, it's raw, honest truth. you not only bare your heart & soul to us, but remind us of God's faithfulness along the way. and for that, i'm so very grateful. it's so good to see God's hand in others lives, while in the midst of things in your own.

so glad we found each other! i am definitely already blessed to know you. <3

Sadie Dear said...

This is my first visit, so I can't contribute too much just yet, but I like the first impression of your blog! And I loooooove the blogger shirt: maybe I need one?

Jean said...

*Why do you read my blog? Meaning, what is it that has you coming back and visiting?
I like the colors! You're a local. You speak truth. You travel and capture great memories. The love you have for family. It really is a beautiful blog <3

chambanachik said...

I can't believe you've been blogging that short of a time. Wow!

Don't change a thing. You're fabulous.

Emily Meyers said...

Hello! Love your blog! I just added myself to your followers for support, and I wanted to invite you to come be a part of a really fabulous jewelry giveaway I’m having!

Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!!

his little Lady said...

you are adorable girl! happy six months! and i'd say i'm always drawn to the blogs who add lots of pictures! :)
oh, and that picture of you in SF makes me jealous! love san francisco!!!
xo TJ

Gaby said...

happy blogaversary! i didn't realize you'd only been bloggin for 6 months, good on you! i like your unique voice, and the topics you write about. always well thought out and well written :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

i admit this is my first visit...but looks like you have a beautiful spot here:) i noticed you do swap sponsors. is that where if they put you on their sidebar you do the same?? i've been thinking about doing something just like this. i've never seen it before. love this idea:)

Lydia Criss Mays said...

I love your blog because you grow the "see beautiful" movement. You honor that we have a choice to see beautiful in the world and you chose to share that. You inspire others with your writing and we're all looking for more inspiration and beauty in the world. We love that!

Happy seeing beautiful!

hennymats said...

Congrats! Agree with the many others, it's your honesty, the way your write, the diversity of topics, the fun pics - it's you and it's unique and I love everything unique. Don't try to put a label on it, it would be sad. I think we all love your blog for who you are.


Elisha(: said...

and we/i love YOU!!! (: congrats!! <3

tia said...

I read because you're amazing and inspiring and I look up to you!

happy six blogging month anniversary.

I believe you can never have too many photo, so upload and share away <3

Rolled Up Pretty said...

So fun on six months! You just made me realize, I have had my blog for a year on April 15th, so funny! I would have totally skipped it, thanks for the round about reminder! I love all of the words of wisdom you write on your blog and the messages behind them. I also love your pictures!