Monday, August 8, 2011


it's all about simplicity for me. my daughter and I city girls, so for us it's no biggie "going into the city". but for the girls she goes to school with now, it's a big deal.

last week i took them out to eat in "the city" and then we went to Stone Arch Bride in NE Mpls.

i wanted to snap a shot of us strolling down the bridge with my insta-gram. i love how this turned out. although if it were up to perfection, my daughter (on the far right) wouldn't be cut off.

i don't know how to put it into words about why i enjoy nights as these. is it the cool breeze coming off the mississippi? is it the view of Mpls? is it the relaxing, peaceful stroll? is it the joy of having these teenage girls by my side and seeing them make their own memories? probably all of the above.

i couldn't resist having my photo snapped in front of DJ the horse, that's the kid in me--i just appreciate every moment i'm given, can't fault me for that.

these things are beautiful to me.

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