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White People Can Never Know Your Pain

                                                                          ArtByMonday We think we know the pain of Black folx as white people. At least the white people who are awake enough to be paying attention to the unnecessary murdering of Black and Brown bodies. As allies we post on social media, give our condolences, support BLMM, and share the sorrow that we feel. But in all honesty, we haven't a clue. This awake group of white people, (allies), aren't the group of people making up excuses or finding comfort in our ignorance. We are the ones that truly care and are angry. But as white people, we can never know your pain, because we are the ones that have caused it. We will never know. If I had a warm blanket that would cover you in the depth of my love, I would give it to you. If I had a warm blanket that would cover you in all of my apologies, I would offer it. If I had a warm blanket to help comfort you in your trillions of tears, I would wrap you in it. If I had a w

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