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The Wrath Of Humans

The wrath of God humans. I am more afraid of the wrath of humans than I am the wrath of God. How can this be? The disdain of humans to me is scarier than it ever could be with God. Yet people of God are supposed to be the safest, kindest warmest most loving people. Well, I've been scared to death of a lot of Christians for a long time.

This past Sunday we had a guest speaker at church. The pastor was sharing his story of his dad, who was also a pastor, transitioning into a woman. I don't want to spend much time writing about his story, but what hit me hard was the very end of his sermon. He said that when his dad came out as a she, she was fired as a pastor and lost a lot of friends. 
When my husband and I were walking home afterward, we both reflected on not only how incredibly sad that is, but what an abomination of the church and it's people it is. We shared how we felt like non-christian circles are often times more accepting than Christian circles. 
Jesus chose to leave …

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