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Are you there God? It's me, Gina.

Are You there God? It's me, Gina:
Things have gone from bad to worse, have You heard? Your whole creation has been thrown into an experience that they have never encountered before and they need You. We need to hear from You.

Are You there God? It’s me, Gina:
I know You are there because I believe what the bible says. I know You are because I’ve felt You so many
other times in my life whether it's when nothing makes sense and hurts to the core. Or in my everyday
life. I know You are here, there and everywhere. I know You are. But can I just say I don’t hear You
much these days. Why is it that I have so much to say and you don't?
It feels like the world has gone
dark, and you have gone rogue.
We are in need of a miracle because we cannot understand the mystery. 

Are You there God? It's me, Gina:
We have a person running the United States of America that uses racist slurs. But I'm sure You
know this, I'm sure You've heard him.
He's referred to COVID-19 as the &q…

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