Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making Me Smile

 Surprise flowers from my daughter, keep in mind, she's 17. How lucky am I?!

 Going to my first ballgame in 11 years! Minneapolis has a new
 stadium for the Twins to 
play at. It was an incredible experience, I want to
go back already. 
The City makes a beautiful back drop, don't cha think?

 Wearing a bunch of bracelets at once, just because it's fun; 
and that way, most of my bracelets get worn!

Being with this little guy. I think he was made for me.
I am so relieved and happy he is back to himself, {if you didn't know, you can 
read this to catch up}, and we are able
to take walks and play. He's so much back to himself that he has
been playing with my yarn rolls. That's a good sign!
{I am taking free online classes to learn to crochet btw, & I am loving it}
Check out the classes here.

Having a delicious, beautiful latte' and amazing current scone
with a flower on the table.
Not only that, but the company I had,
Madelynn and her boyfriend, yes, she has a new 

 The fact that I am embroidering! I have finished the first piece {below}, 
and I have finished my first freehand piece {above}!

And finally, lovely flowers
I see on my nightly walks.

Soon I will have a special "signature" at the end of each 
post, I am excited for that!

I hope you have had a lovely week, see you soon.

Posts to come: Adult kids with divorced parents, our baby robins, and pictures from the zoo.


Elisha(: said...

Your so crafty!! I can't sew a thing.. And also, your daughter is sooo sweet. You've raised a gorgeous, lovely one! (:


Natalie said...

Aww! How sweet of your daughter =)

Sarah said...

It's funny how wearing a bunch of bracelets inspires us to be in a good mood. I'm the same way =)

- Sarah

Sarah Cherney said...

So many things to smile about. It's so lovely! *^^*

Baseball games, by the way, are the best!! I'm going to a Mariner's game on Saturday. d^_^b

vintage grey said...

Such a lovely and sweet post!! What a precious daughter you have to bring you those pretties! Your embroidery is beautiful, and I am so happy you are lovin' your crocheting class!! Have a blessed day! xo Heather

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i can't even believe you have a daughter that is 17. aren't you like 17?? : ) you look so good, girl!

Jean said...

love flowers n coffee.
i've only been to one game at target field. i people watch more than watching the game.
again, your daughter has a great role model; therefore, she'll be great to everyone else around her. :)

Chrissy said...

Aw, this is wonderful! And how sweet of your daughter!
We have a sunflower field right across from us and Leonie brings me a new bouqet every day! So cute!
Have a wonderful weekend, pretty lady! xxx

offsetinnocence said...

That dog is adorable!

Liza said...

What a sweet daughter you have! Those flowers are beautiful.

Also I'm loving your embroidery. Especially your freehand piece. I love the fabric you used.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

christina said...

love your art work!! the free hand looks great!

Michelle said...

I love those bracelets! I never wear any, but I just might if I had cute ones like that!

I love your embroidery! I'm still drooling over the beloved piece.

Caitlin C. said...

Your doggy is the cutest!! And what a sweet daughter you have :)

Autumn said...

I love this post :) It's so happy your dog is feeling better and I really would love to learn how to embroider. I'm glad things are on the up for you!

BARBIE said...

What a sweet daughter you have. The flowers are beautiful. I've been to a ballgame in Minneapolis once while visiting a friend. It was quite fun. Coffee and scones, yummy!

Daisy said...

Baseball games and bracelets!? You are so fun. I have been wanting to wear bracelets like that. You just gave me the push ;)

Lora said...

fun post, gina! love the headscarf. you're so cute. :)

Sonia Ama said...

You're daughter is so sweet (and stunning too)! And I love the combination of all the bracelets, and the new layout!


Your daughter is lovely, but then, look at you! It's no surprise :) I love wearing a bunch of bracelets together too.

Liv Lundelius said...

I love your little crafty bits.
Soooo goood that your pup is back to his beautiful best! He's such a cutie.

Shelley said...

You inspire me to embroider and just to love life. thank you sweet sister.

Julie Marie said...

love all your photos. love your bracelets. so lovely to be back =)

Tamera Beardsley said...

So, so beautiful my dear!

lindsay said...

awwee the little things that make us smile c: you're embroidery is GORGEOUS! i might take you up on the offer...i just need to think of a word c:

Micaela said...

Hi Gina! so glad to meet you through Janice's blog award-- i can't wait to read your 7 random things, especially since i already want to go to a baseball game with you (GO RANGERS!!!) & thrifting with you.

i can't believe you only just learned to sew/crochet. i am loving that beloved embroidery! what beautiful fabric to use as the backdrop.

so another thing to add to things we could do together-- you could teach me crafts :)