Friday, March 9, 2012

February Month In Photos

I'm linking up with Rebecca Cooper's blog, Simple As That, again for my February month in photos, I'm several days behind, but that's ok! I decided to do the post anyway! Her site is so beautiful and she's so talented, I like being in touch with her!
It was a restful month for me and I didn't get out that much, but by the look and amount of photos, you'd think I did! I hope you enjoy them like last month. So without further ado, here we go. . .
 As most of you might remember, my daughter went through some serious heartache last month when she went through her first painful breakup. I thought a little baking therapy would be good for the soul.

 Date night doesn't happen too often for us, but we actually went on 2 this month, this one, and Valentine's. 
After dinner we toyed around in Hobby Lobby and got coffee at caribou.

Here is a collection of photos from girls brunch. Yummy. Good convo. And a movie (Twighlight), perfect!

 Oh Nells!

 One week in February was such a sad one. I had the major blues for a few reasons, and I just couldn't smile no matter what. I forced myself out to get some coffee, a pastry, and read a lot. I also love the free print outs that Beautifully Rooted is providing, that is where the 'hope' is from.

 I had coffee with my Dad! We usually have this date once a month, it's really sweet.

 My daughter had dress rehearsal for her dance competition, that's the B&W photo on the top Right.
At my desk enjoying an iced coffee.

 I did a photo challenge of the day in FEB; the top left photo was of GREEN, and I took a pic of my favorite green ring. 
My daughter received her first college letter of interest. Well, I don't know exactly what it's called, but this college is interested in her!
I met with fellow blogger Courtney from Feminine, Unique, New, it was precious time!
The last photo on the bottom right is my blush! This was Valentine's night and it had a heart shape!

 Outside. We had some great weather in Feb.
My new Pocahontas's boots!

 Warm weather AND snowy/cold weather. We've had it all in MN this Winter.

 I was so desperate for the birds, that I scattered the bird seed right on top of the deck railing. It brought me a ton of birds: Cardinals, Junco's, Chickadee's and Sparrow's.
The print was an early Birthday gift.
And my socks. Funny story. My husband took this picture, he said my socks look like the album cover to a Wallflower's CD? What do you think? 

 Valentine's Day brought packages and gifts, a visit from my Mom to cheer Madelynn up, and some gorgeous espresso machine shopping! 
I also had a martini when we went out to dinner!

 My sweet girl was in the Variety Show at school and she danced a duet with her friend Sean, they were AWESOME!

So beautiful!

I liked the outfit I wore to the show, and we went to Chipotle for dinner beforehand. Great night!
And interesting month.

Have a super fly weekend (do I really talk that way?!)
Love you all!


Courtney said...

What a beautiful way to capture a month of your life. The pictures you take are so artsy I LOVE it!

Cait Emma said...

aww wow! so busy! and i think its so wonderful that you are there for your daughter during her break up, those really are terrible, and tell her i can empathize, the first one is sometimes, almost always, going to be your hardest

Antoinette said...

Looks like you have a very full, happy life with the people you love close beside you.

Emily Rose said...

Oh February...I love these posts.:) Can Nells get any cuter?! I think not! What a presh puppy.
I hope your daughter is feeling better - there's nothing worse than a sad heart.:(

Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

Great photos! Posting a month of photos is a great idea, I definitely want to try it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!:-)

Amy said...

I loved that... What a fun idea. And date night ending in hobby lobby.... Your husband rocks.
You know the photo where you can't smile (by the way i had a week of those smileless days too this month...) you look beautiful. You so remind me of marilyn...but in a norma jean sort of way.... Anyway... Really enjoyed your post as always.

Cindi said...

This was absolutely lovely! I love all of your pictures. :)) I just love how close you are to your family and daughter. It is so sweet.

Thank you so much for your comment! It brought the biggest smile to my face, and made my whole day! :)) You most definitely leave the kindest comments and they are always my favorite. :)


Elisha(: said...

awhh your a great mom(:

Mandy Crandell said...

Love all of your photos. And congrats to you daughter for being accepted into a school!

Noelani said...

lovely photos, as always :)

Noelani said...

lovely photos, as always :)

Sarah said...

Awww a little baking is always good for the soul. I feel bad for your daughter. I love the date night pictures!!

- Sarah

chambanachik said...

I always love your pictures. :)

Michelle said...

Oh Gina, I don't even know where to start! You are so beautiful. Yout have that classic, old fashioned beauty I love. And so does your daughter! Baking is such a good way to get over a break up. I Had my first heartache at her age, and that's when my mom taught me how to knit.

I loooove your green flower ring!! And Nells is so precious :)

Have a great weekend my dear!

Natalie said...

So many yummy things in this post... I'm hungry now. =)

Justina F. Lee said...

A month well lived indeed! Time for March!

memory said...

YOUR. HAIR. I feel like I talk about it every time, but I just love it. So pretty.

Thank you for your sweet words about my Mom and your encouragment in my writing. Your words always give me that push that I need. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend, Mrs. Gina!


Autumn said...

I definitely had the winter blues in February too for no apparent reason!

These were fun to look at, but it always makes me want to get a dog.

Stela said...

I love all your photos for february!

Magical Day Dream said...

What a lovely collections of photo's! I always enjoy seeing glimpses of people's everyday life :)



★ JASMINE ★ {Barbie-Bombshell} said...

hey doll! stumbled onto your page from a friends and wanted to say i love your blog!

and count me as your newest follower!
i'd be delighted if you could follow back ?

hugs, xo!

Farrah said...

Woah! what an eventful month. So lovely to feel apart of it through your photos. You have a great family xx

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Such fun photos. I wouldn't have thought to do something like this

Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
Confessions Of A City Girl

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Cute pictures! Okay, the chocolate chips cookies AND hot chocolate look amazing! YUM!

Cherry said...

You and your daughter are both beautiful beings... She got your beautiful smile Gina. I like this monthly photos of your life.

chestnutmocha said...

Nells is adorable!!!

Grace said...

This is darling!!! I simply love instagram photos, don't you?

Thank you so much for always leaving the sweetest notes on my "garden" definitely would not be the same without you.

much love,
>>-----> tending her garden @

Chrissy said...

What a great way to recap your month and with such wonderful photos! Love them all and your daughter is so talented - wow! xxx