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I worked with Ruth Chou Simons (we have YET to meet in person), of Gracelaced blog, all things beautiful, inside and out, I might add, on a blog together 5 years ago, it was called Deeply Rooted, I was a writer for the BELIEF section and I believe she was too! She later became an editor for the site, and then unfortunately the site ended up ending, but it was an honor to work closely with her on that site.

We met initially online because we are both bloggers. She's more of a "big deal" than I am as far as followers and production, but her focus hasn't wavered. And we're all a "big deal" in God eyes! So it's all good!
It's been exciting to see the last few years unfold for her--starting out blogging, then starting Instagram only a few years ago, and then using that platform for God's glory by tapping into her love and gift for the arts, sharing her life with all of us as she navigates being a mom of 6 boys, all while managing her own business that is all things Gracelaced.
I actually think there should be a Gracelaced Bible in the future! Isn't that a great idea? It could be for bible journaling, or not, but either way, it could work.
Photo provided by Gracelaced Book Team

Being involved in the launch team was more of an undertaking than I expected, but I'm so thankful I was on it, and wished I could have made it to the launch party. Being a part of the launch team forced me to dive into her book all at once more than I would have had I bought it on my own. I would have been able to take my time more with the book--which is one thing I love about it--it can be read in chunks, in seasons, in fact the book is separated out by seasons, and it's awesome. Even though I would have liked to have gone through the book on my own timeline, I think it was good for me to have read it all at once. It really packed a punch for me, as at one point in my life God's Truth was literally all I had. I still had my family and friends, but it was a time when my marriage and health were falling a part--I remember reading through the book of Psalms 5 times!
Ruth's book was and will be there now and forever to keep those Truths front and center, regardless of going through suffering, happiness, grief, change,'s all formatted perfectly for us to reference and keep going back to. It's a handy book too. 

"The straightness of the path has less to do with the ease of our travel than the direction of our true destination." 
Don't I know that's right.

I don't need to mention how beautiful it is, but I will, because I'm writing a blog post about it! It's gorgeous, mkay?? And it would make the most amazing gift! I think even using it as a devotional for a small group would be cool too. I said it on Facebook and I'll say it here:


Find the book here, and don't forget this awesome high quality journal you can also purchase as it's companion, here.


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