Monday, October 17, 2016

3 Ways To Feel Better

While there are countless way we can contribute to our everyday life when it comes to “feeling better”, I have come up with 3, that I think knock it out of the park in regards to guaranteeing you’ll feel better--these are "quick fixes" overall, but over time, they become embedded, and a way of life.

I’ve struggled with mental health, depression mainly, on and off for years, since I was 15 years old. I’m now 42. Much has helped, this has been a long journey, but I wanted to produce something that was tangible, doable, and quick--- and while I encourage anyone who suffers from mental health issues to go into counseling, which I have also done, today I just want to share three somewhat simple ideas that help me maintain throughout my week.

  1. You Shine Like No One Else-
We are trying to sell our home. And I received an email from our Realtor that said, "Here is a comparison sheet for the other homes in your neighborhood that are for sale: BEWARE OF THE COMPETITION. That's a bit much, don't ya think?
My house, while it might not be the home everyone needs or wants, CAN STAND ON IT'S OWN. Sure there are houses out there that may have a lot this one doesn't, but this one has that much more that that one doesn't! I don't need to fear! My home shines like no other house can!
The world is a feisty one, and it can make you feel like you don’t have a chance. When it comes to how intellectual you are, how creative you can be, or how “good” you can be, it feels like a never ending battle. There is always someone smarter, prettier, and richer. But the thing is, whether you believe in a God or not, the truth remains that we are all extremely unique, and if we find what that special gifting is, instead of focusing on what we wish it was, then we’ll thrive. We’ll start to come alive as we learn that we too, no matter how big or small, or seen or unseen, we have something incredible to offer that no one else in the universe does! There are many similarities, but only YOU, can bring something that no one else attains, that’s pretty exciting and cool if you ask me! So find a thing, or a couple of things, that you think are unique to you, or that you are really good or passionate about, and focus on that. There is actually no need or temptation to compare ourselves to others, when we actively seek, know and accept that we have our own uniqueness and something special to offer that no one, I mean, no one else can.
Ask a friend or a family member what they think, that’s what I did when I started this journey.
    2. Perspective, Perspective, Perspective-
It’s not doubt how badly this life or ours can hurt. We’ve hurt, we’ve been hurt, it’s unfair, and sometimes our circumstances are unbearable, but somehow, we make it through, don’t we?
Usually it’s not our situations, although they can suck, that bring us down, it’s how we are looking at and approaching them. If we can gain a new perspective, learn to see it differently, then most likely it won’t feel as awful. This doesn’t mean that you don’t deal with your feelings or struggle. It means finding a new way to see, or understand it so you can cope easier. Maybe something good will come of this? Maybe you’ll have a new part of your character that you didn’t have before? Maybe you’ll learn something new in a profound way! You’d be amazed how a simple perspective shift can bring peace, contentment and joy amidst the trial!
   3. Thankful List
This sounds so cliche’, but I’m telling you, I promise, it works! If we are practicing thankfulness, we cannot be practicing complaint or worry. The two cannot occupy the same spaces, and if you feel yourself being pulled into the space of complaint or worry, start naming what you’re thankful for. If you take even 5 minutes and you thank God, or the universe, whatever works for you, it will hopefully instantly fill your heart with gladness and gratefulness.
“Thank you God (Universe), for my daughter, my son. Thank you for my husband, my wife. Thank you for my job, my health (you’re alive), my friend/s, my family, my church, my community, my practice, (yoga, buddhism, christianity, etc…), thank you for my phone, for food! Thank you for my place I live, (shelter), thank you for my pet/s. Wow, thank you! I have SO much! Thank you for all the extras I get, thank you for my car, the movies, coffee, and cake!

If we can remember thankfulness, we’ll forget complaint and worry. It always starts with an awareness, and a re-remembering, and it’s a fantastic tool, an incredibly fulfilling practice.


Kathy Masterjohn said...

Beautifully said as always! Words to live by! Love you Gina Norman!!!!

LeeLee said...

Oh Gina, these are lovely tips. I especially like the Thankful list. So true.

BARBIE said...

Awesome and just what I needed to read. Blessings!