Thursday, August 6, 2015

Don't Play Comparison

Bloom where you are planted. 

I wish I could write like her and her and her. They are so clever, and eloquently put words into meaning. They give writing that extra punch. I appreciate them so much, but I also long to be that kind of writer. I wish I was as business savvy and made all things look as beautiful as her. I wish I was as productive as a writer and had the gift of an artist like her. I'm surrounded, we are surrounded by creative, talented, powerhouses in every direction and in every form. All these women possess something that I don't have. And I have something all these women don't possess. That's a positive, good thing. The world will just make you feel, and think differently.

Some ways they take shape: better jobs, bigger pay, bigger homes, more cars and a boat. More talent, more opportunity, more kids, more organized, more outgoing, more creative, thinner, stronger, better athlete, more control, healthier, prettier, luckier, more blessed, more faith, more cutting edge, more more more! People who seem to be able to do it all and have it all, right?!


See, we are all consumed by comparisons. And the world I live in with blogging and Instagram, it smacks me in the face everyday. It smacks all of us in the face every single day. It use to be that only Celebrities could do this to us. But now, with FB and other social media outlets, we are exposed to the everyday man having this kind of power over us. Leaving us with our tongues hanging out wishing we were them, or had what they had. Which then leaves us feeling inadequate, lonely, good for nothin', and sometimes, even more often than not, depressed.

At every turn it's a photo of someone posting their new car, their new baby, their new home, their new boat, another something you don't have. A job promotion, a book deal, or an athletic reward of some kind. People posting pictures of their amazing travels, their marriages and marrying their "best friend" (I don't know about you but I did not marry my best friend). Photos of their "perfect" kid (guilty). Again, leaving you feel like why not me?

Thing is is, everything has an appearance. These wonderful things in and of themselves are not bad. But if we don't zoom out and see the bigger picture which is, we have good things too, and we are talented too, and these people have problems just like any other guy, then these celebrations and sharings will suck the life out of us. And let me tell you, it sucks. I beg you, it's all about perspective!

Others talents, and gifts do not equal, "I have no gifts or talents" or, "My gifts and talents aren't as good as theirs." It simply means that's their set of gifting, and you and I have our own set. Have you tried to discover what yours were?
Others having more material possessions, or traveling more than you doesn't equal "there life is so much better and happier than mine". Or at least it doesn't have to. Zoom out a bit. 

Here's what I mean.

Most of us have more than we could ever ask or hope for! Anything can look good behind a screen. It doesn't take away the behind the scenes of their life.


I am certainly one to get frustrated about the things I can't do! Living with chronic illness takes away much. But if I focus on that, knowing that is my reality, I can combat it with, "what can I do with where I am, and with my set of gifts and talents." We all have something unique to offer to the world. Comparison is probably a form of jealously. I mean God created us all so different and unique, and we spend more time feeling defeated and frustrated because we envy what others can do/have that we can't?! What if we spent that much time and energy focusing inward at our own something special we have to offer to the world? It's a continual laying down, and surrendering for me. Surrendering to comparison and focusing on who God made me to be and what He equipped me with personally. Hone in on that. Ask friends and family, that's what I did. They all seemed to come up with the same thing, it was kinda cool. God made you, YOU. I'm sure you have plenty that someone else doesn't have. Let's try to rejoice or be happy for the happenings of others! There is nothing wrong with sharing the good things in our lives, and there is nothing wrong with someone being good or "better" at something than you. That's just their calling and gifting. Doesn't mean you don't have something to offer. It takes courage and humility to change and gain a new perspective. I dare you to try.


Raynna said...

So good Gina.

Michelle said...

Love, love, love. A very timely reminder for me. Thank you!

Jean said...

this is a good reminder and i think of it often. :)