Friday, April 19, 2013

Less Of A Woman

I am not less of a woman
if I don't cook every night,

I'm not less of a woman 
if I have rooms long over
due for a cleaning,

I'm not less of a woman
if I have laundry or dishes

I'm not less of a woman 
if I don't have my own
chickens in the backyard
for fresh egg eatin',

I'm not less of a woman 
if I can't but organic food
for my family,

I'm not less of a woman 
if I forget my camera at 
important kids programs,

I'm not less of a woman
if I am battling an illness
or live with chronic pain,

I'm not less of a woman
if I didn't make a check
next to everything on my
to do list for today,

I'm not less of a woman
if I'm too tired for intimacy,

I'm not less of a woman 
if I raise my voice at my 

I'm not less of a woman 
if I don't have a college degree,

I'm not less of a woman 
if I don't work outside 
of the home,

I'm not less of a woman 
if I don't get to travel the

I'm not less of a woman
if I wear sweatpants
all day long,

I'm not less of a woman
if I don't churn my own butter
bake my own bread or
grow my own garden.

I'm not less of a woman
if I get cranky, irritable,
or argue with my husband,

I'm not less of a woman 
if I sleep til 10 in the morning,

or if I have 10 extra pounds on.

I'm not less of a woman
if I say no to a friend in need.

I'm not less of a woman 
if I'm praised, put down,
mocked, judged, or misunderstood.

Just like you, I am a woman, a wife, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a believer, a non-believer.
Depressed, angry, disappointed, tired, exhausted, hopeful, ambitious, and scared.I am growing, learning, listening, trying, frustrated and hardworking. We are home owners, renters,
business owners, on food stamps, athletes, glamorous, jealous, daring and fearful. We are shy, friendly,
outgoing and hospitable. We are sick, well, and everything in between. We struggle, strive, and succeed.
We laugh, cry and scream. We're quiet, we talk, and we are silent. We are moved, sensitive, and 
emotional. We are full of energy, and we have nothing left. We give, we take and we share. We are
fashionable and unfashionable. We are high and low. Tall and short. Heavy, thin and everything in
between. We are teachers, instructors, and students. We are academic, articulate and ignorant.
We are scholars, theologians, and skeptics. We are artists, engineers, and baristas. We are lovers,
fighters and companions. We give advice, listen well and interrupt. We fall, and stand tall. We are strong we are weak. We are homemakers, foster families, and adopters. We are blessed we are cursed. We are rich we are poor. We are compassionate and rude. We are high and we are low, we are together and alone. We are creative and we are brainy. We are grandmothers, dancers and we are retired.

Put together we are so much. Each important, each our own purpose. Each our own story and journey. Our beautiful, messy, complicated, difficult, wild, crazy, blessed journey.

*My poem is a collection
of examples and heart cries
that I have heard from other
woman. Things they have 
shared with me or things
I've been keen to along 
the way. Do you recognize



Stephanie said...

So beautiful...everything I needed to hear in one amazing post. I just love this Gina!

HopeUnbroken said...

oh, love this, Gina. really, really love this. beautifully said.


Mary said...

love this, Gina!
i'd still love to get together some day!
we're really so close!

Kelly said...

This is beautiful Gina. I do see myself. XO!

Dancing Branflake said...

I love this so much. Every bit. I hate when people say that "Real women have curves" because they assume they know what a "real women" has.

And to flip it around, I hate when people say, "he's not a man," or "he needs to man up" because it's doing the exact thing that we loath: labeling.

Krista said...

Indeed I do recognize myself in there....lovely poem.

BARBIE said...

So beautiful! Thank you for reminding me that I am not less than. Have a lovely weekend.

Jessie said...

Great poem Gina. I really enjoyed this. :)

Beth Morey said...


Becky said...

Yes - Very well said!

Sarahhbea said...

Loved this. So good to hear <3 Thank you:)

Christine said...


regan said...

I loved this sweet Gina...❤

chambanachik said...

This is perfect. Really.

Melanie said...

I can definitely relate to "I am not less of a woman if I don't cook everynight" or if I don't clean my house on a weekly basis. There are people in my life that judge accordingly, and it was be so tiresome. I think it's time to let go of others' unrealistic expectations of us!


Julie Marie said...

this is so great gina. and so true. all these little things that we think of ourselves, that we feel make us "less"....the thing is everyone carries these, on one day or two, in some form or no one is less than anyone...


Brilliant, thoughtful poem -- thank you my friend! I trust you are keeping well and happy :)

InteriorGyro Timothy G Cameron said...

An amazing poem, an act of self care, really, AND love shown for others as a natural outpouring of empathetic compassion. It reminds me a little bit of Alanis Morissette's "If I Would Be Good. Check it out....but more importantly, keep contemplating beauty.

Jean said...

Well said. And I agree, I am not less of a woman if I decide to let the dishes pile up.

I love your attitude with many, many things! <3

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