Thursday, March 21, 2013

When The Sun Goes Down

When the sun goes down, 
are you angry?
Are you hurting?
When the sun goes down,
have you been grateful for the day and 
for it's small treasures?
When the sun goes down,
have you forgiven others, 
let go of your grudge, 
or your contempt?
When the sun goes down,
are you worried, stressed,
and anxious?
When the sun goes down,
are you thankful for another day,
because each one is such a gift?
When the sun goes down,
are you thinking of those in need,
who could use a friend or helping hand?
When the sun goes down,
have you acknowledged God
and His awesomeness? 

I've been trying to be mindful about these things before the sun goes down each night.
I can answer "yes" to some and "no" to some. I'm a work in progress as I'm guessing you are too.
But it all starts with being mindful, and letting things go that need to go. And recognizing what needs to be
recognized. So much of the time we don't want to do the hard work and look at ourselves--we don't want to know where our hearts are, because then we have to deal with it. Who wants to do that?

I'm realizing when I do deal with it, I'm lighter. I'm freer. It's easier to let go of all that I hold so tightly too. So much of it that isn't even good for me. This clears my mind, my heart and my body.

What's waiting for you at sunset?



Luke Armstrong said...

Thanks, this poem arrived at a good time for me. Also kind of makes me think of that Garth Brooks song, "When the sun goes down"

Great blog btw, thanks for the consistency of quality.

Creating Through LIFE said...

This is a good one to print out. I'm always trying to be mindful first thing in the morning but at night I'm so tired. This is a good reminder.

Elisha said...

I need to remember this more!

Justina L said...

Thank you so much. I've been feeling so stressed lately..I have forgotten to just step back.

Kassie Rew said...

A great poem with good thoughts. I definitely don't always want to deal with my heart or source of the issues!

Andrea said...

So good - thanks for the inspiration!

Pretty lady said...

Gina, your blog is full of Jesus & I'm so blessed to be a follower! Those are some beautiful beautiful words.

Stephanie said...

I read a quote awhile back that said "What if, when you woke in the morning, you only had the things you said thank you for the day before?" Avery and go through a list of things we're thankful for every night during our's such an encouragement to me to think of all of our blessings, and to hear Avery saying thank you for all the things that she has. I'm still working on my stress, and grudges are especially hard for me. But my thankfulness helps with my anxiety. A lot!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing this. It's totally worth being truthful with oneself and coming to terms with whatever we are struggling with. I hope all is well with you =)

Victoria said...

Loved this post! Sunsets are always a special time...A time to just sit and be and go over the day. And you're absolutely right, letting things go is just what we need!

God has been showing me this very thing...I finally blogged about it the other day. I know I'll need the reminder again sometime!

InteriorGyro Timothy G Cameron said...

A friend of mine wentt hrough hell and back to win her battle with a grapefruit sized bruise on her brain. It was caused by a drunk driver. It left her with no memory from the point of impact backward. She lived at home with her mom and dad and was going through college, was a 4.0 average, was Valedictorian in High School, was a manager in a business, and was in love and engaged to be married. After the crash, she no longer knew her parents, fiance, friends, school mates, fellow workers...nothing. One big nothing. One day she punched through a double pane glass window out of sheer frustration and cut her hand badly. But she said it was the point where she finally had a breakthrough. Not a breakthrough in regaining her memory, but in spiritual perspectve. She said that from there forward, every day when she would wake up, when her feet would hit the floor, she would sincerely thank God for another day of living. For me, from that day forward, I said to myself that I will try to do the same thing. She showed me it could be done. And you, Gina, have also shown me it can be done. I've seen you face miles of trials with humble smiles. Yeah, we ain't perfect and never "arrive", but we do our best and meet God there. We don't get ready to met God...we meet God to get ready. Peace Through Love (God is Love). Glad you are a friend and sister in Christ.

Krista said...

Love this Gina!

Courtney said...

Just thinking of you today Gina! Hope all is well. Hugs,

Naeem said...

Nice .....

christina said...

such great food for thought!

Liv Lundelius said...

you seem to live in a beautiful place! what a gorgeous sunset.
sending you some warm sun from australia and a knuddle hug for nells.

Mindy Whipple said...

I love this. Laying my burdens down at sunset, freedom to sleep in peace, and then a fresh start to a new day. God truly does make all things new!