Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some Quirks About Me

1. I'm super sensitive to noises of various kinds-
I especially can't tolerate motorcycles, loud chewing,
and when people talk in an accent
they don't really have.

2. I can't go to bed unless I'm super sleepy, otherwise
I'll lay there for EVER. 

3, I cringe at the thought of wooden spoons, you 
know those ones from malt cups? on my tongue!

4. I do not like buffet's or potlucks.

5. I like to tidy up the kitchen every night before bed.
It is soothing to me and comforting.
My sister does it too.

6. I don't like to drink off of other 
peoples drinks or eat from their same plate. Ever.

7. When I get really tired I pull my hair out. It's ok though, 
because I have a lion's mane, it's really thick and I have
a  lot of  it.

8. I stare at my parents wedding picture

9. I pray before every meal. And after.

10. I have to tell my daughter several times that 
I love her before she goes to bed. And she does the same.
I mean like, A LOT. Close to ten times.



BARBIE said...

I enjoyed reading this. I can't stand the taste of wooden spoons either!

Elisha said...

The last one -- that's so sweet. :)
I clean every night before bed too!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who does some of these things! Half of these things I could have written myself. :) That last one is the best though.

Tamera Beardsley said...

I burst out laughing at the first one, I thought that was only me! Wonderful and insightful post my dear! It takes a lot of introspection to even realize personal quirks, where we are differ from the norm. Thank you for sharing yours!

vintage grey said...

We all have them! Loved the last one! So sweet! ;) Hope you are having a wonderful week!! Are you crocheting anything new? xo Heather

Krista said...

I have to be super sleepy to go to bed too. And I love to kiss my boys and tell them I love them a million times before bed too. They will probably grow to dislike it one day ;)

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I love you! We are so much alike, LOL, I HATE loud motorcycles, news flash guys, no one thinks you're cool. AND HATE drinking off people drinks, why would I just INVITE sickness like that!? Hope you have been doing GREAT! :)

Dancing Branflake said...

So incredibly sweet. I love that you tell your daughter you love her incessantly. And she does, too.

chestnutmocha said...

hahah the same about going to bed! If I have just a little bit energy saved, I'll just lay there and think and toss and ugh it is so hard to sleep! :D

chambanachik said...

Love! Some of those are like me too. :) That picture of you is so gorgeous.

Erica said...

Sometimes the quirky little things can tell you so much about a person. I'm the same way about sleep. If I'm not dead tired, I can't get any shut eye.

Michelle said...

I am so with you on the noises and wooden spoons!!

Love you, Gina!!

Benlovesting said...

I enjoy this post so much! x

trishie said...

I need to tidy my kitchen everynight too...Same goes for making the bed in the morning. It calms me. I'm a strange one.

Courtney said...

This is adorable! I love that you look at your parent's wedding photo sweet! And I've been tidying up my kitchen before bed every night for quite some time now too. I just love waking up to a clean kitchen. Gets me motivated to make breakfast!

Jean said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! I am dying about #1, "when people talk in an accent
they don't really have" --- My sis, mom, n I were watching a video of a guy touring Laos on a motorcycle.
Sis goes to mom: "Mom, how come the guy didn't sta-op?"
Mom: Sta-op? What's that? You mean stop?
Me to sis: Dang, you talk to choppy even mom can't understand you.

This sis is so funny b/c her mom is Vietnamese and doesn't speak clear English, so she uses choppy English. I think it's goofy!

I'm not fond of buffets, but will do potlucks. I only eat off my immediate family's plate, but can't share same chapstick >.< And yes, I need to tidy the kitchen before bed, too.

Love reading these. :)

christina said...

love this! i am a total germ hence i never drink or eat after people or go to

i liked number 9 and 10 too ;)