Monday, January 28, 2013

Modern Day Psalm

Speak louder Lord, I am having trouble
hearing Your voice. Don't relent, be the 
loudest. I need You.

Talk sweetly to me, I count on your gentle
touch and tenderness.

Hold my hand and don't let go,
Your presence is sweeter than honey.

Re-shape my heart Lord, it's deformed
from the world. And I hunger for newness.

Fill in my blank spaces, I long
to be made whole.

Set things right, I depend on
Your wisdom and Truth.

Step into the darkness, 
Your light shines bright and gives life.

I want Your peace when life
around me is in chaos.

Your love and grace, 
surround me with them morning, noon and night.

And in the midst of pain, Your mercy.

I find my heart sinking with gratitude after sitting 
with You, and it straightens my path and betters
my vision.

Thank You for Your unending goodness
 and faithfulness.
You are more reliable than
the morning. And in
You I trust.

poem written 
by me



Stephanie said...

Beautiful Gina! You have such a gift for writing, and touching others with your amazing words.

Julie Marie said...

Love this. I wrote something I considered a psalm near to my heart a few weeks ago in s notebook and o think my kids lost it. :(

GOOSE said...

Truly beautiful.

Kelly said...

did you realize the bottom few line look like a heart?

this is so beautiful gina. you inspire me beyond words. God shines radiantly in you.


ash said...

love this. ♥

ruthy ann said...

You are so gifted Gina!

Sierra said...

So beautiful! And just what I needed to hear today *smiles*
Keep growing beautiful!

Stephani - A Defined Life said...

Beautiful words!

Lora said...

i love this, gina! i totally relate!

his little lady said...

I've missed your blog and your writing. It's always so inspring and inspirational.
xo TJ

BARBIE said...

This is absolutely beautiful!

Courtney said...

Wow that is beautifully written!

christina said...


Benlovesting said...

So beautiful, love that photo too!

serious sarah said...

heartwarming. the photo is beautiful as well as the poetry piece.


Natalie said...

Beautiful Gina!

Anonymous said...
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chambanachik said...

This is so beautiful and perfect. "Fill in my blank spaces"- LOVE.