Sunday, November 4, 2012

Product Reviews

{cough cough} I know this is out of the ordinary for me, but my last 2 posts have been pretty heavy, so I wanted to lighten things about around here a bit. Sort of contemplating beauty in a completely different way!

I thank you all so dearly for your loving support from my last post, really, you all amaze me with your sweet encouragement. I am starting to do much better now and so is my daughter.

I have been wanting to do product reviews forever it seems, but when I make a vow to have my blog be totally meaningful, it didn't seem like there was a place for it. So I found a loop hole. I love love love products, probably a little too much! And as we get into the colder season, I figured by my sharing, maybe, just maybe you would waste less time and money if I am giving you the goods--I am after all an expert, well, I like to think I am...How am I an expert you might ask? Hahaha well, only by purchasing an absurd amount of products, trying and using them for years and years. I don't know what it is but I've always been attracted to make-up and other products, I've just learned in the last few years not to let them define me. I know we don't have to wear make-up at all, and I don't get wrapped up in a stressful way about it anymore.

I seriously can't go anywhere without popping a new lip gloss or lip thing in my cart {surprise you?} Well believe it or not, I had a blog for about 2 weeks on products only. Family and friends always come to me when they are looking for something, so keep that in mind friends!

First I'll tackle lips, my favorite part!
Here are the undeniable best out there for 
keeping your lips safe, comfy, moisturized and looking
good throughout the winter.
I have 3 of my favorites for each product section,
 and let me tell you
it was very hard to choose just 3.
{in no particular order}
This is one I used for the first time last year and I fell in love with it!
It goes on easy, not like some other ones out there-- there is a great
Weleda balm I was going to put on my list, but it goes on with great difficulty.
This one is creamy, moisturizing and it lasts! It smells fantastic because it's
holistic, so it's packed with anything fabulous you can imagine!
I use this one before bed most of the time. Mine is getting close to the end,
darn it.

 Oh how I love Fresh! They've got incredible products but mostly too
expensive for me to buy, but this amazing tube? Oh I can buy it, and again
and again and again. I've probably been through 5 tubes! I am completely
head over heels for this one guys! And the Rose' is my fave. There are about
5 or 6 different shades now, but this one is my favorite.
 The rose' color is light, it's not like you have lipstick on.
It's seriously like butter on your lips, no joke.
I could be a spokesperson for this product alone. You will see a big
time improvement in your lips if you start using it, I promise.
Oh, and the smell is to die for!

And lastly, we have Jane Iredale Lip&Cheek Stain. This stuff is brand new
and I am loving it. I love how it has a duo action to it. You don't need very much, 
a little goes a long way, especially on the cheeks. The color will change to whatever
your natural lip chemistry is, but it's usually a pink-ish shade, and it's
gorgeous. It's very soft, and I've noticed it does need to be reapplied more 
often than my other two picks.
{I should mention that Jane Iredale is organic
and natural too, free of icky chemicals}

Now for cheeks:
 I'd have to say this is my ultimate favorite. There is nothing
negative about this blush! It's made from fruit, it's 100% pure
and natural, and it works like a magic wand! It goes on perfect
every time. It's smooth, the color is gorgeous {Pink Grapefruit is my fave}, 
it smells delicious and it gorgeous on! It will keep your
cheeks subtle during the colder months!

 I know, this one might seem like an odd one, especially coming from me
who doesn't care about name brands. But it happened one odd Sunday 
afternoon, I had had some credit at Nordstrom from something long ago,
and I was browsing the make-up counters, and I ran into the women
who worked behind the Chanel counter. We started chatting about different
life stuff, and then she asked me if I knew about the Nars blush that is all
the rage, the Orgasim color one. I said I hadn't heard and she told me
that they have a better "version" and it's amazing, would I want to try it on.

I said "sure", of course I did!!! You guys, I'm not kidding around.
I typically don't use powders anymore, because at my age, they seem too drying.
And I was concerned about the chemicals in this blush to be honest. 
But it felt so good and looked so good, I was sold. So I bought it!
I'm still using the same one and it's so gorgeous.  I use it on Madelynn
when she's on stage, and it looks great on every one. It's not too glittery, but has a nice
sheen to it that I love. I can't remember the price tag, but it's definitely something
you should ask for for a gift, or splurge on. But it will last.

Yay! Tarte is one of my favorite brands out there. They do an awesome job on 
their products and they are all natural. And they smell amazing.
 This Cheek Stain
has been one of my favorites for a few years. They have
a wide range of colors to choose from. Something to mention is that if you don't 
use it for more than a week, 
a layer of  it will be thickened, 
and I just use a kleenex to wipe it away.
It's so pretty on and gives a beautiful glow.

For the face:

 If you've never heard of Laura Geller, oh my word, she's amazing!
Her products get the job done. This one in particular, is baked. 
She combines all the minerals just so, and then bakes them in an oven. I love that!
This is the lightest of the baked foundations they sell, called
Balance and Brighten. And there is one darker one called
BRONZE N BRIGHTEN. It really covers everything I need it too, 
and it goes on beautifully. It's not drying and I have dry skin--especially in the
colder months. You would use a Kabuki brush with it or a powder brush. 
This product almost has more of a less dry feeling than you would think.

 This is awesome. And it doesn't break the bank either, it can 
be found at any drugstore or Target. I love it. I've been using it in the Summer
and sometimes in the Winter, for the last 3 years now. I like it because it's
organic and there is a nice sheen and glow that it adds to your face.
It's not too transparent of a tinted moisturizer, it is like a medium coverage.

This one is like the cream of the crop. I still don't think it's ultra expensive
either. Maybe $35, just depends on your definition of expensive.
It's a miracle worker! It's a bit more dry than the Balance N Brighten, but
I haven't found that to be an issue. Like I said
I have very dry skin and it works well for me. The coverage is
amazing, and it's all natural. I've been using this for 7 years or so.
 One of mine will last a year or more. Of course I don't wear
make-up everyday either. 
 You almost save money by spending a bit more
money, because it will last longer and you won't have to keep buying more
to find what works. Make sense?

For The Eyelashes:
 If you've never used anything by 100% Pure {like the blush above}, you are 
missing out! It is AH-mazing, no joke. The woman who 
started the company created all the yummy products 
from fruit, veggies and teas. It's seriously 100% pure!
I love the black berry mascara or the Black Tea-
they work really great and smell good too. 

 Diorshow... might seem a bit snobby, but I tried it by chance, and 
fell in love with it. It's a bit spendy and I don't buy 
it every time, {I always change things up},
but it's the best I've ever tried, I'm just not a fan
of the chemicals. But this one is boom boom pow.
No clumps, not too heavy, but good volume and length.
I also like that it's buildable.

I love this mascara because it's organic and the price is right.
Not only that but it works extremely well. Super great for everyday.
It's made by Physicians Formula.

So what did you think of my little product reviews?!
It's been fun for me.
I'd love to know if you'd like to see different things or not on my blog.
Is there anything else you'd like me to do posts on?

Thanks for caring about my blog and me.



Amy said...

That was fun. Okay as soon as i can go find gas to put in my car and the mall opens..... I have got to get some of the lip and cheek stain. The 100% pure pink grapefruit one.... Cool beans. And where would i ding that sephora? And what do you apply it with, i never wore cheek stain before, i also am going to try that mostutizer from target.... Thanks, gina.

Mary said...

I love this, Gina!
How fun to get a sneak peek into your little(or big) make up bag! :)
I use only all natural and organic as well, so it's sometimes harder to find something that I really love.
My favorites so far are from Origins. Their mascara and foundations are amazing, but I have used and liked the organic wear mascara in the past, too! :)
I have GOT to get some of that Dr Hauschka lip stuff!
Been eyeing it forever!

Kate said...

Amy said it right- that WAS fun. I have to hit up my local Sephora and test out a few of these products... I think I've used the Tarte stain before and remember really liking it!

JD and Whitney Todd said...

Ditto. So much FUN!! In all honesty, I've never tried cheek stain but have always had a hidden desire to try it out. Looks like your post has given me a great reason to buy a tube!

Stephanie said...

I know nothing about make-up, I've realized. I use a little foundation, mascara and eyeliner, and that's it. I need to check some of these things out!

Kelly said...

i hardly ever wear makeup. the horror i know. this makes me want to go out and buy some. the pure fruit stain looks so intriguing.

i'm glad you are all doing better.

chambanachik said...

Fun. :) And you're gorgeous, so I will take all the beauty advice you've got!

Rissi said...

That Chanel blush looks stunning. :)

Krista said...

I've been wanting to try a cheek satin, thanks for the recommendation!

Natalie said...

OooO! I'll have to try some of these in the near future! =D My must need makeup though is eyeliner. Gotta have that everyday if nothing else.

aimk said...

Guys right now 100%pure has an AWESOME 7 piece gift with 35.00 purchase, so you get Gina's recommended lip/cheek stain and a Black tea mascara and BOOM BOOM POW, you get the free gift. it is like 113$ worth of free products. Don't delay. & Jane Iredale, the base makeup is fantastic.. a little more than Gina said at 52.00, but once you purchase the compact you can get refills which I am guess are around the 35.00 Gina mentioned. Gina treated me to my first one years and years ago. I recently rediscovered it in August for my brother's wedding and I am running out already. I use it everyday. sooo super easy, but you gotta get the Jane Iredale brush for it! &&&& The Jane Iredale lip and cheek stain (Gina seriously does love and has the best lip stuff collection) every time I see I see what she has with her to try on. I fell in love with the Jane Iredale lip and cheek stain, loving that it adjust to your body chemistry for a unique to you color. I have already had to purchase a 2nd one!!! I can't remember the last beauty product I used up. & I just got the first one a few months ago, but again I use it everyday! & OH back to 100% pure. Gina was first to introduce me to their mascara and I am IN LOVE still and it has been years. Blueberry, Black tea, Black Berry are all fantastic. the smell of all the natural fruits and ingredients is divine. I make my boys smell it!!!! I love everything at My kiddo loves the kids vanilla ice cream line, My oldest loves the blood orange body wash. Their super fruits face line is awesome... I could go on and on, Probably 99.9% of the products I use have been Gina introduced. OH yeah and Laura Gellar too, she got me hooked on one of her things too! She is the expert & this post was fun and lighthearted and educational and a great end to the day!!!

vintage grey said...

Fun post! Thanks for sharing! I am a Bare Minerals girl, but will definitely check these out!! Have a lovely day sweet friend! xo Heather

his little lady said...

Great review girl! And lipsticks are definitely my weakness!
xo TJ

Autumn said...

Ahhh...why is makeup so expensive? It really stacks up. I am just now beginning to get into lipstick. It really helps a lot so I don't have to do as much eye makeup...much faster!

Hannah said...

Awesome review, I have been wanting to try out some of the brands you listed like 100% Pure. I have a product review post in the works too! I hope you are doing well dear!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love the sugar rose that stuff is awesome!! thanks to sephora's monthly birthday gift i got that as a sample great product!

Elisha said...

"Babylips" brand of chap-stick is AMAZING -- It works, it's SPF 15, and doesn't stink!

trishie said...

Great reviews, Gina! A lot of these products are new to me, so it's nice to read about them. I'm going to check out that Chanel powder blush soon. It sounds lovely!

Patricia Ayuso said...

great post!!! i follow you now ;)
i would love to follow me back because love your blog!!

Erica said...

I've always wanted to try the Fresh lip balms, but wasn't sure if they were worth it. Now, I'll have to give them a try.

I also like this one...

It smells like strawberries! :)

christa jean said...

Thanks for this! Now, I want to go buy ALL OF IT! Ha ha ha.
I have been needing some new mascara, I have sensitive eyes and the last few I have tried have been so clumpy and flaky. I am taking note of these fun products!

Creating Through LIFE said...

Fun post! I discovered the Fresh Rosé lip stuff ths year and LOVE it :)

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Anonymous said...

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