Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Catch Up!

This has been my view for the last 4 days-except when I've been in 
my room sleeping. I wish there was a way to go around not mentioning
it, but my vow on this blog is to be authentic, real, and meaningful. If
I'm not straight up with you all, then my blog or myself aren't any of those things.
I had my 20 year class reunion this weekend and a two day intensive on my new
class for Lay Counseling! That equaled the biggest weekend I've had in a long
time and that means my body really can't handle it. 
I had an idea that I might be wiped out for 1 day, maybe 2, but I'm on day 4 and just
now starting to feel better. My chronic fatigue decided to have some other 
random symptoms: a swollen right eye (complete with poofy eye lid
and vertigo). I was put on a round of meds for the vertigo,
and slept all day on Tuesday. I think the vertigo is better
but I'm still dizzy and most likely will go in for a round of fluids.
I could be so mad and frustrated that I haven't gotten to walk in the Autumn air
or bake, or go to the Apple Orchard yet, but I won't. I will make a choice, and that choice is 
joy. The picture above may be my view, but it's a pretty good
one considering.

On the way to my reunion.

Cute note I found from my daughter. Sure made me smile.
 A sweet necklace my husband surprised me with. I love it.

 We took a road trip at the end of August to see my husbands family for a 50th Wedding Anniversary.

 This is a project I was working on in the car.

 Visiting with these sweet southern ladies in K.C. Mo.

 My mother-in-law surprised me with my very own quilt that she made me!
It has an apron that my Grandma Masterjohn use to use, she passed away 22 years ago, 
so it's special to have her apron on my quilt!

 Along with my craftyminx classes online, these ladies--these veterans taught me
to crochet.
 Their anniversary cake was divine. Just divine. I thought 
my purse looked pretty with the cake and plate!

 My first ever!!! Loved it!

 Lots of beautiful farms from Minnesota to Missouri. We stopped in amazement. 
We also stopped at the town John Wayne was born,
and in Madison County, to see the covered bridges!

 John Wayne's birthplace.

 1 of the 2 that we saw, I was in heaven you guys, 
I want to go back and see the other 4!

 I have done a little baking this month so far, so I can't complain.

 I think the best cookies I ever did make.

 Sunset sky.

 Marigolds still goin strong in September.

 Nells caught with Madelynn's beloved turtle.

 I've still been busy embroidering!

 I was fortunate to hang out with one of my BF's, and we
made chai tea, knit, went to the farmer's market and listen to 

 Aren't my little initials so cute!?!

 My new basket for yarn. What is Nells' problem?

I love being able to embroider or crochet on the deck, feels so good.

 A pretty little corner in my home.

 Madelynn trying to pick out a baby pic for the Homecoming slideshow--
she is nominated for Homecoming Queen!

 I enjoy the wind for so many reasons.

 Here I am working on what will be the start of my very own room! If I didn't have
the limitations I do, it would be done by now.

 My very first granny square!

 We've been making amazing bean dips. Healthy, easy and tasty!

 I could be a spokesperson for this cream. It is outstanding!

 Oh Nells.
 Coffee with Dad.

 I was over the moon when I heard it was National Donut Day. Bring it.

 I went to the State Fair! It had been 6 years!

 This guy liked my Almond hand cream.

This little mama just had 9 little piglets.

I'll leave you with one of Madelynn's senior pictures! We 
have them all now, and could not be happier with them.



Pretty lady said...

Madelynn is stunning like her mom! Wow, that picture is incredible!

you looked amazing on your way to your reunion by the way :)

feel better soon!

HopeUnbroken said...

LOOOOVVVEE!!! i'm so in love with Nells now :-) i don't know how you have the patience to load all those photos. but i love that you do :-) hope you get to feeling well soon. i've been waking at 2a.m. these days, so my pain and fatigue isn't doing so well. we can pray for each other, yes?
love to you,

Natalie said...

Those Senior picture turned out great! And we have the same record player =)

vintage grey said...

What wonderful and beautiful things you have been up to. Oh, I how I wish I could have been sitting there with you learning to crochet with your sweet family!! How neat! All your creations are so pretty and sweet! I love those bridges. I have never been to one but would love to one day!! The quilt is stunning and such a treasure! xo Heather

Gaby said...

love all the little projects you're working on! and i hope you continue to get lots of rest until you feel better x

Andrea said...

Beautiful photos and I love all the crafty-goodness you are working on (looks like it runs in the family too) :)


How lovely you are, and so is Madelynn! Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures -- that is one cute dog :)

today i said...

you are a gorgeous lady, seriously you are the mother of an 18 year old?!

The environment around you is lovely also.


Rowantree Design said...

Hi Gina, I'm new over here at your blog. I just loved all those pictures you shared with us. Me being over here in Australia, I love to see what other crafty gals are getting up to over on the other side. I wish I had some lovely ladies to crochet with, it would be so relaxing and heart felt. I hope you come over and say hi.

Creating Through LIFE said...

Where do you find Dream Cream? I'm always on the look out for a good lotion. Love all your pictures and I find your attitude very encouraging.

Lydia Criss Mays said...

I could just dive into your pictures...well, if I could, I would. Your pictures make others just want to spend time with your thoughtfulness and honesty and kindness. I'm glad Nells is there with you on the bed. There's nothing like furry love to leave us feeling better. ;)

Sending see beautiful thoughts your way!

Kate said...

So glad to catch up with you! Yes yes, you should definitely rest up now... you've had quite the week! And I can't wait to see the rest of your daughter's senior pictures, they looked awesome! xx

Christi Lynn said...

This post made me like you more than I already did! First, your outfits are adorable. Second, I love that necklace your man got for you. Third, are granny squares difficult to make? I want to try them.

Domestic Sweetheart said...

I love your photos!! What a lovely note from your daughter. I love that you are so authentic in your writing...thanks for being real and sharing :)

christina said...

Gina you are so right JOY is a choice! What a choice and peace we having knowing that God is the source of that!

p.s. you were in neck of the woods! Not much to see huh? :)

Daisy said...

You are so beautiful! That red dress looks great on you.

Isn't chick-fil-a the best! It's my new favorite :)

his little lady said...

You always have the best pictures! These are perfect! And I love stopping and taking pictures of barns and farms. Gorgeous!
xo TJ

Sarah Kate said...

Honestly Gina, you do not even remotely look like you could be old enough to be attending your 20-year reunion. You hardly look older than your beautiful daughter!! I'm glad you got to go to the party though, even if it did wipe you out afterwards. I hope you get your groove back really soon. This weather (at least in my area) is just perfect for doing practically anything outside. I'm trying to enjoy it before the bitter winter keeps me holed up on the couch under 3 blankets with a space heater at my feet. ;o)

NZ said...

Loving that beaded vintage clutch in the pic with the anni cake!

Liza said...

Those cookies look delicious and that quilt from your MIL is beautiful! I love homemade quilts.

I hope you really start to feel better friend! I'll be praying for you!

Barb said...

You have accomplished a ton of things despite not feeling so good - I'm blown away and vow never to complain again! Fantastic series of photos, Gina!

Krista said...

Sorry to hear you've been having some days of struggle but happy that you are on the mend and starting to feel better! How was the class reunion?

I LOVE all the barns and covered bridges, really just can't get enough of them :) And the state fair? Sounds like a ton of fun! I've never been to one.

Happy and healthy days are ahead, have a great week(end) :)

ruthy ann said...

Gina you truly are a source of inspiration--thank you for your honesty, it's quite refreshing. Praying for peace and rest for you!

trishie said...

Love this peek into your life lately. Your embroidery work looks lovely! And that red dress you wore to the reunion is absolutely stunning.

Happy Donut Day?! Why didn't anyone tell me about that? I must be living under a rock.

Nicole @ Happy Pretty Things said...

What a lovely blog! Your daughter looks absolutely beautiful in that picture! Looking forward to see what you post next!

Lora said...

this is one of my favorite posts ever! love all the amazing photos. so many inspiring things. beautiful flowers, beautiful craftiness, beautiful clothes, beautiful YOU! :)

Michelle said...

You are TRULY inspiring, Gina! I love all your embroidering and crocheting. My mom is supposed to teach me how to make granny sqaures. My goal is to make a granny square afghan :) I love the embroidering!! I need to learn that too.

I'm glad you're starting to feel better! I had vertigo once and it was miserable. I know how debilitating it is! You have the best attitude!

Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

I have to say that I really love how honest you are....I appreciate that, I have never been to your blog before, until now, and to me, that just shows a lot of who you are.
I love that necklace your husband surprised you with, and also these pictures were great to look at.
you have a great day!

christa jean said...

I finally popped over to your blog, such a sweet place! Instagram has taken over all my blogging time, it seems, ha ha ha. But, I will put yours on my blogroll!
Blessings to you!
p.s. that little "g" initial on the turquoise hoop is ADORABLE! You are getting so good!

chambanachik said...

Lovely pictures as always. But I hope you are feeling better! Prayers!

ladaisi said...

You're so incredibly beautiful!

I simply adore your cross-stitch designs - especially the one with the 70's floral background that says 'Love' - so beautiful!

Joyeful said...

I really hope you're feeling better, dear :( But these pictures are lovely as always and those little embroidery hoops are just darling!

Erica said...

I love your embroidery projects. So fun to embroider on floral fabrics.

I haven't tried embroidering yet, but just bought a how-to book. I can't wait to get started. I'll keep you posted on how my embroidery adventures go. :)

dear olive said...

Oh lady, your illness sounds terrible. I hope you're back on your feet soon. Your roadtrip looks amazing. I love those covered bridges! We don't have anything like that in Australia. (Well, I don't think we do, anyway!) Kellie xx

Mary said...

that pic of you and your dad is my favorite.

Micaela said...

um, hello gorgeous! i bet your reunion was lots of fun and how could you not feel confident in a dress like that?

i wanna hang out with you-- coffee, records, and chick filet?! i'm starving for waffle fries now at 4 a.m. here ;) (remember these late night feedings? ha)

and that quilt... brought tears to my eyes. how very special.

Liv Lundelius said...

You look fantastic in the red dress!
The piglets made my day...
there is so much to say about all these gorgeous photos.
I can't wait t have a dog again.
What breed is your cute pup?

Tamera Beardsley said...

Ahhh GIna, I do so enjoy catching up with you! Such beauty you share.

I was in the garden today...thinking i needed to stop by and visit... when i came in I saw that you had stopped by about the same time I was thinking of YOU!

Anonymous said...

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