Monday, August 6, 2012

The Face of Grace

You might be surprised where you'll find it.
Most of the time it is found where you  least expect it.

You may find it when you are in line with a slow cashier,
and your patience is running low--but then suddenly you remember
this is a 1st world problem, and grace abounds at the check-out.

It may be found in a disagreement, and you decide to wave your
white flag, realizing that grace is usually the better route.

You may witness it between strangers you see, and then letting
them be an example for you to be gracious.

It might be found between you and your child, or spouse during
an argument. When you know they are at fault, but you
choose grace in the frustrating and what feels like a defeated moment.

You may encounter it with someone you have not forgiven yet, 
and a nudging to extend grace to them arises--then
sweet freedom!

You surely will find it when on the telephone with
customer service, but bringing to mind that
we are a privileged people, so whatever we
are on the phone for, is most likely something to be
thankful for.

You could also encounter it at the doctors office, or at work, when something isn't
going your way, knowing that if you breathe
and put it under the umbrella of grace,
you will be less stressed.

Look for the face of grace when you are alone,
in good or bad company,
in your home or anothers home,
search high and low for it, because it will ease your 

Choose it when you for yourself too, when you've messed up
or hurt another--remember to be gentle with yourself, not just others.
Grace heals a multitude of things, and it brings contentment 
and exudes beauty. 
The face of grace is the face of God.
God will never run out of it, and neither should we.

Grace Laced Mondays


Joanna said...

beautiful. such a sweet reminder

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

Such true & beautiful words!! :)

ruthy ann said...

man...i totally needed to read that. talk about convicting.

HopeUnbroken said...

so beautifully said, gina. and can i say that i LOVE the new look!!! beautifully done, and truly captures your beautiful spirit :-)
love to you today,

Emily Rose said...

This is so beautiful Gina.:)
I haven't been by here in so long! I love your new header.:)

his little lady said...

you always have the most beautiful words to share. and what a great drawing to go along with it!
xo TJ

Daisy said...

Thank you for these sweet words and the reminder. Lovely.

Creating Through LIFE said...

Love this! P.S. You're header is looking good :D

Marty and Julia said...

Its true isn't it. It can be so easy to have tunnel vision when we are immersed in a privileged culture/society.

Tamera Beardsley said...

Another post of yours that brought tears my dear friend! I came here tonight to tell you that your reminder that my children's behavior really isn't about me...has stuck in my head and my heart...and made such a difference. it is a mantra for me helps me step back...what a difference it made today!!!

And now I am reminded of grace...what true partners they are. i hope you can hear me when I say...your words touch my heart and soul...and i am a better mother for it! Thank you dear Gina!

vintage grey said...

So beautiful and truthful Gina!! What I needed to read today, and probably everyday! Have a blessed week! xo Heather

Liv Lundelius said...

So beautiful! It reminds to keep my everyday grace.

Krista said...

Love love love this!!!

Elisha(: said...

Thank you for your sweet sweet words on my blog!! I've missed you immensely. <3

hannah singer said...

beautiful! always so blessed by your words, gina.
blog looks gorgeous, by the way! Xo

Lydia Criss Mays said...

Extraordinarily beautiful and inspiring. Wow. I'm so thankful for grace.

Happy seeing beautiful!

Barb said...

What a beautiful, inspirational post - I try to keep all those things in mind as I go about my day.

Domestic Sweetheart said...

I heart your blog! I'm hosting 2 giveaways (Edward & Sons & Vineyard Fresh). Thought you would be interested in :)

P.S. I'm a new GFC follwer!

Adam Alex said...

hi, gina. this is so beautiful and inspirational. btw, love the new look of your blog! it's phenomenal! i'm still working on my social media buttons... :D

have a great weekend!


Sunny said...

I've been away too long. I just noticed you changed you made some changes. They are lovely and so is this post.

Kelly said...

Gina I. Needed to read this today. Oh my...grace. Some days it's hard to hold on to.

Caitlin C. said...

I love your writing. This is so inspiring. Exactly what I needed to hear this Friday morning! :)

SymbioticLife said...

This is wonderful and just what I needed. I had an argument with my teenage daughter yesterday. The weird part was, it wasn't even an "argument". She seemed to just be having a bad day and I was the source of all evil for her, even when I was agreeing with her. I was really sad about all of it until reading what you wrote. It's good to be back to reading posts like yours Gina. I let myself get too wrapped up in the kids during summer break and forget to take time to pursue the things I enjoy. I'll have to work harder at fighting that compulsion.

Lydia Criss Mays said...

We're back again. :)

Just wanted to let you know we're having a See Beautiful blog hop today if you're interested. We're seeing lots of beautiful (just to dangle the carrot a bit):

Happy seeing beautiful!

Mary said...

love this, dear friend.
you are so so very right!
God is so gracious to us.

lindsay said...

So so pretty and true. Love the umbrella of grace, perfect example of who we are called to be.

Sarah Cherney said...

Such a nice reminder! Sometimes I feel like I need things like this bashed over my head so I can keep it in my mind. It is always a blessing to come to your blog and read your writing. Thanks for sharing!!!

Julie Marie said...

love it... always looking for opportunies to let grace abound, because thats what my savior does for me.