Friday, July 13, 2012

A Vlog Answering Your Questions!

Wow, nice face on that video thumbnail! Ok well, here I am finally answering your questions--a month later.
Sorry it took me so long, and thank you for being patient, and forgive me ahead of time for my "mistakes" and oddness. It's a bit lengthy so I won't be offended if you push stop half away into it LOL.

Have a great weekend! Still want to read my blog!?! Oh and P.S I didn't plan out the answers to these questions. I didn't think that'd be very fair;) So they are all on the spot--I am sure because of that I forgot a thing or two about a certain somethin. For instance music, I am already thinking about bands I should have said. I love the Beatles, I love 70's music, I love Jars of Clay, I'm very open about music, I just don't like country--sorry country fans! And, how could I forget that popcorn is one of my favorite snacks?! LOL


Natalie said...

Loved your answers Gina! Your vlogs are always awesome =)

Elisha(: said...

Of course, I'm still following you!! Your lovely. (:


Purposely at Home said...

Love this! And I really like your accent, actually. :) I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Chrissy said...

This is so cute! Love it and love your accent! Hugs xxx

Dawne said...

life is in relationships. That about says it all. I'm glad your blogging. I have you marked as a favorite and your blog is one I check. I don't comment often, just because, no reason, but I do so enjoy your blogs and these vlogs add another dimension. ~Dawne

tia said...

I'm in love with jars of clay and I'm not big on country either :)

I loved this vlog!

p.s. you're beautiful <3

Stephanie said...

I love this! You did a great job!

P.S. I met Jars of Clay when I was in high school after one of their concerts. I still have all of their autographs. : ) LOVE THEM!

chambanachik said...

I love Italian and Yorkshire Gold tea too! It's interesting you mentioned kefir- my mom was going to send me some but I was a bit scared of it. :)

Your love story is beautiful.

And thank you for answering my question! I think that's really wise.

And you're just gorgeous, as always!

Mandy Crandell said...

LOVE your accent and voice in general! Reminds me of the time I spent in Wisconsin. It's always nice to put a voice with a face. Also, it sounds like we both keep clothes forever.

Oh, and a great guest appearance by Nells! :)

Liza said...

Loved this! You look absolutely beautiful!

Every time Nells would bark one of my cats would freak out a little, he's kind of a spaz. It was quite funny.

What was the name of the book you had mentioned? I couldn't quite catch it.

christina said...

Jars of clay and top 2 favorite bands : )
Loved this!

Krista said...

So cute to "see" you! Thanks for answering my questions, I enjoyed learning more about you :)

Jasmine of ❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

hey, gina! hope you're well, and hope you had a great weekend. this is my first time seeing a vid of you. you are lovelier "in person" and you have a beautiful voice. great answers... and i feel like i got to know you better. :)

wishing you a terrific week ahead. :)


Kelly said...

It was so fun getting to hear your voice and get to know you enter you are an inspiration, and you bless me so much. I love what you said about working through our hurts it so true we have to and it also ok to have an off day. I also agree that there is a tremendous amount of beauty found in relationships.
My sister in law is from st. Paul I wonder if you know her? That would be crazy.
Hope you have a blessed week.

Daisy said...

You are so charming, it was neat to see you (and your dog) on video. Also, glad to hear he is doing great!

You make me want to do a Vlog :)

Tamera Beardsley said...

Great job my dear! You are so brave to do a vlog...and you do such a great job! Your honesty, sincerity and love come through crystal clear!!! Many kudos my dear on a very beautiful vlog!

his little lady said...

okay, your accent is beyond adorable! i have family that lives in minnesota so i know the accent all too well. and i love that you call yourself a straight up italian. i wish i could say that for how much pasta and pizza i eat on a daily basis. ha
xo TJ

Creating Through LIFE said...

What a wonderful surprise! I hadn't been by in a while and not only do I find a new design I find a fun Vlog. Thanks so much for sharing with us :) I'm wondering about your header. I often wonder if things look the same to me as they do to other people because all computer screens are different. Your header is coming up on my screen way off to the right. I'm not sure if you want it to do that... Just thought I would let you know. I love the tree and the colors!!!!