Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Devil And Angel

Do any of you remember the angel on one shoulder and devil on the other image? Well we all know how it goes; basically one voice is telling you to do one thing and one voice is telling you another. Good vs. bad, positive vs. negative. The voices don't necessarily have to be telling you to do  two different things, they can also just be telling you two different things. I had a week like that. Kind of like the lyrics to the new Florence and The Machine song: "And it's hard to dance, with the devil on your back, so shake it off...shake it off, shake it off, shake it off, shake it off---"

There was a bad crash on the bridge into our town the other night due to mayflies. I guess the lights on the bridge weren't turned off and they are attracted to the lights, and they apparently leave a slime--it was so bad there was a head on collision. Luckily, no one was severely hurt, and because of that, I was thankful to God. 

Well I wrote a comment on the news site where the story was written, and I said something along the lines of being thankful to God that all were ok. Some guy started this chain of comments telling me how stupid, dumb, and slow I was for believing in God. He started ripping on me and making fun of me and being extremely cruel. 12 comments later, I was in tears. The crazy thing about it is that my comments were so innocent and unharmful, and I was not looking for a debate whatsoever. In likely fashion, I wrote a poem to express my emotions and to get myself out of the pit this guy put me in. Because the little girl devil you see in that picture was telling me all sorts of lies all week long, and I shut the angel girl out. I shut the truth out. I started to believe the little red dress devil girl, and I needed a way to gain ground on truth.

when i'm told i'm not good enough,
i remember that i'm a child of God
and that settles my heart

when i hear that i am stupid
i remember that someone must
not know me well, and they will
have their own judgement over me,
but i don't have to believe it

when i am told i am slow because
of my comprehension, i remember that
academics, debating, and education are
not everything in this life and do not define me

when i hear a voice tell me that i'm not
a hard enough working homemaker i
remind myself that i do what i can when
i can through the week, and that baked
muffins or canning doesn't measure my worth

when i hear the voice whispering in my ear
that i am not pretty enough or that i am too fat
i choose to hear the voice of truth that tells me
i am perfect the way i am made

when i hear a negative voice saying that
i don't have a purpose or an important 
place in this life, i squash it and listen 
to the positive, good, truthful voice
that says i have something unique to offer
with the gifts i've been given

choosing to believe the good, pure, and truthful voice hangs on everything for us. it will help us get through our weeks, and it will help us to keep going. it will help us conquer negative thoughts and lies that are fed to us in our heads. accepting the little girl angel will free us from what others think of us and give us a chance to continue to be who we were meant to be. 

the guy that left me those comments, wanted to do the exact opposite of what i wrote above. and i had to make an effort to be reasonable and not listen, accept or believe what he said. he wanted to steal my joy, my spirit, and get me worked up, and it worked--until i worked my way through it. i encourage you to do the same if something similar happens to you with either someone you know or don't know. because recently someone i know also hurt me deeply and crushed my spirit something awful. most of the time when that happens i think it's because someone doesn't understand me or the way i am--they confuse my joy they see in me with something else, or they just don't like it. and that's ok. again, i had to work through that hurtful incident too. life is such a process of hurting and healing. i know these people wanted to keep me down because it made them feel more important. but i only took the bait for a day (ok, maybe 2).

P.S Did you notice anything different around here?! I had the good fortune of working with Lindsay from Scenic Glory on my new design. She miraculously put my vision full circle and I love it!


beka said...

oh i love your new design, gina!! beautiful!

Natalie said...

Sorry about the whole comment thing =( But I do love the new design! =D

Sarah said...

Some people just thrive off of making others feel an inch tall. Don't let it bother you. Just imagine how sad his life is since it's not filled with God. Hang in there.

- Sarah

Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry that happened. I would've been in tears as well...sometimes people are so negative and hurtful, especially when it comes to expressing one's personal beliefs. You wrote a beautiful poem, and you are even more beautiful on the inside! I'm glad you only let it bother you for a day (or two)! : )

Stephanie said...

Also, you're blog header and design are lovely! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!

Courtney B said...

Oh sweet girl... I am SO sorry! I don't understand why people are so mean and cruel. But you are such a strong woman and I admire your faith!

ruthy ann said...

FIRST, LOVE the new look! yay! second...its so hard to "let go" and give grace. I always ask, "forgive them Father, they do not know..."

Ina Emma said...

Lovely pictures and post :) we are now following you! xxx

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Krista said...

First of all let me tell you that I love the new look! It's beautiful!

Secondly, I'm sorry someone lashed out at you especially when unprovoked. That can be so hard but I'm glad to know you listened to the voice of Truth!

Vic said...

I noticed your new design immediately---looks so pretty! i love linds and you and what a horrible man to make you feel such a way! I'm no angel but I don't expect people to bash, hurt or judge me for anything because like you said...we are god's children and he knows how lovely we truly are and nothing can ever take that away from us....when all else fails...he's the only one at the end of the day keeping us safe, protecting our warm souls and putting us back on our feet! love you mama! xoxo

Liza said...

I love the new design.

You and I have had similar weeks it seems. Instead of someone actually saying or doing hurtful things to get me down it was just the voice of the enemy speaking lies to me. I'll be praying for you friend!

I love the poem, I needed those words.


Just ignore him, don't let people like him steal your peace and your joy. I am brought to mind of something in Psalm 37: "Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices. Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil. For the evildoers shall be cut off, but those who wait for the Lord shall inherit the land". And well, I'm sure you know that old saying, "God does not make junk". You are lovely in His sight and that's what really matters :) *Hug*

Daisy said...

The new design looks great! I was always curious as to why people say hurtful things like that but then I am reminded that they are apart from Christ. Your poem was beautiful and encouraging :)

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe people sometimes. I've read people bash Christians in comments so many times, and I get sick to my stomach every time. I am so sorry he hurt you, but so encouraged by that poem you wrote.

Julie Marie said...

Reminds me of the scripture we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers and rulers in high places. We always have to remember Satan walks around as a roaring lion seeking "whom" he may devour. If we don't let him. And recognize what he's trying to do, we can stop it from happening. Thank God for his truth. Always prevails.

SymbioticLife said...

Your new design is truly beautiful and your poem is fantastic.

Jenna Grace said...

Great new design! Thanks for sharing tour heart and standing up for your beliefs. That guy has some major hurt in his life to react the way he did...

Nicole Marie said...

Love the new design Gina! I still have the devil and the angel on shoulders... I think we always will..

christina said...

love your new look!~ beautiful poem!

I have one simple theory about people like that man : hurting people hurt. end of story.

chambanachik said...

His comments bothered me too, and I take everything personally x10, so I know how it feels. I'm sorry he was so needlessly unkind, but you handled it with grace.

I commented on his post too, but didn't go back to read it after that!

Gaby said...

Haters gonna hate. Not very eloquent but true! I would ignore his bullying.

p.s. LOVE the new blog layout!


Tamera Beardsley said...

First off...i noticed your chic new design right off...Beautiful!!

Second...hurt people hurt people. Don't take comments by strangers to heart my are far too fabulous and fantastic! You my dear are SO loved!!!

Liv Lundelius said...

I love the new design! And you did the exact right thing, with making clear that this person has nothing to do with you and you are fabulous.
Don't ever let these things get to you and if they do, shake them off as quick as you can! x

Susi said...

That poem is absolutely brilliant. I'll have to save it to my computer and read it when I get into that negative spiral (and I do quite often).
I'm sorry about that commenter on the site. But seriously, never take that sort of comments seriously. There are people who enjoy writing hurtful things on forums, blogs and whatever site with comment forms. They are not to be taken seriously. They just enjoy upsetting people. Don't let them win. Don't let them steal your joy. You have a weapon against negativity, you have your faith, you have God. That guy has NOTHING.
Sorry for a long comment, and hello, I found your blog on iblog4me, and congrats on being blog of the month!

Corine said...

Oh this is just AWESOME! :D I just wrote a blog post in which I mentioned the angel and devil on the shoulder, then decided to google an image and found this post. I love it! How true and right! And good for you for realizing the lies were lies and writing up a positive affirmation for yourself!!! AWESOME! Beautiful writing, too... Thanks for this.
Corine :D

PS. Do you mind if I go back to my post and use this same image on it? You can email me at
Thanks! :D