Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Full Heart

Well everyone, Nells is home! We picked him up on Tuesday evening, and he is settling in pretty good. It's tricky to figure out the right rhythms for him, because he is still paralyzed, and he is on strict quiet time for 4 weeks. So there are just unique circumstances around his recovery, and we are trying to figure out what will work best.

The first day or two was really hard, and ya know what? Never mind, I am not going to complain, so I am moving on--
Nells has shown some happy, playfulness in the last day or so, and is seeming quite eager, I'm so proud of my little Walrus, that's my new nickname for him!

I wanted to lighten things up around here since they've been a bit gloomy for the last week or more, so I wanted to share what makes my heart full, because after all, there is so much to be joyful about.

Here we are at the U of M getting released.

Getting some fresh air while we wait for final paper work.

Pea time! I have been giving him frozen peas for a healthy snack and for a way to get him wiggling a bit. I was taught a rehabilitation program for him before we were released too. Since it was considered a spinal cord injury, his full recovery will be 8 weeks.

He is starting to lift his head a little more often!

Seeing my daughter and her girlfriends so happy and carefree in their gorgeous dresses the day of Prom.

Getting to put a blouse on and some lipstick, after being sick for over a week, and having the ability to come out of it. I had forgotten how awful it felt to be dehydrated and have my electrolytes messed up. {This was taken a week ago}

Having fresh berries in my fiesta ware with fresh whip cream on top. Oh yes.

Having my teenage daughter in my bedroom, looking at my jewelry and telling me that I am the one that taught her about forgiveness, and that I was the reason she's able to do so. {My heart almost stopped}

Enjoying more sunny days, and getting out on my deck to read, write and study.

When my Lily of The Valley bloomed, my heart was extremely full. These guys are my favorite.

Getting together for a girlfriend's birthday party, and of course taking a photo of our feet {cute shoes rather}.

Making a cake for my girlfriends birthday party with lots of bright candles! {although, I'm not a fan of the design I made on the sides of the cake, what do you think?}

Having coffee at the birthday party and relaxing on the cute white-washed deck with Nells and being reunited with my "use to be" pup, Hazel {we adopted her out last year}.

Reaching 200 followers, I know the numbers don't matter, but they matter because they stand for people, and you all matter to me! I officially welcome my new readers! Thank you.

Mini sticky buns in the morning!!!

My mushroom embroidery soon to be pillow, that is coming along. Progress is slow, as is life from time to time. We have to be gentle with ourselves, and not put such grand expectations on ourselves, chasing after a lifestyle that will never be perfected, no matter what books we read, no matter what classes we take or no matter how intentional we are. We've got to almost expect chaos, and remember that life is never without it. Sure, life is full of beautiful moments and times. And there are stretches where life feels and seems good, and that's ok. It's just if we hold on too tightly to the outlook that it will continue to stay that way, we will fall harder when life hits us unexpectedly or when pain enters in. So take one day at a time, with grace and ease, not clinging so tightly to some picture of a life you have-- and know that life can be easy, it can be hard, it can be fun, it can be unpleasant. It can be joyous and content and it can be maddening and unfair. It can be clear and it can be confusing. It can be exciting and it can be dull. It can be put together and it can be destroyed. It can be healthy and it can be sick. Life can shine and it can sting.
But just remember who's holding you and the world around you, and you'll be just fine.


sarah {on the brightside...} said...

Lovely! :)
I am so happy that your pup is okay! I hope he has a speedy recovery! :)

Desiree said...

love you :)

and love this post!!! so so so so happy for Nells!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

I'm so happy to read about Nells! This is most wonderful news! You have so much to be happy for! Here's sending see beautiful thoughts of rest and recovery for the sweet Walrus. Congrats of passing 200 people who love to be inspired by your writing.

Happy seeing beautiful!

ruthy ann said...

i don't know how we can grow to love our pets so much...but they truly do become family. I'm so, so glad Nells is recovering--I'm sure she's enjoying being extra spoiled...we still haven't stopped spoiling Gus since his return. AND YES, go get Nells Microchipped asap...i can't push that enough!!!

Stela said...

Love all your photos! Those are all things to definitely be happy about!
I wish Nells a wonderful recovery. I want to cuddle him!

Kaleigh Youngstrom said...

I love the lipstick and shoes! And your cake is lovely. <3

Bonnie said...

Oohhhh, look at the puppy! What a little sweetie pie. :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Krista said...

Oh my Gina that last paragraph about made me cry. Such a beautiful reminder and so well written. It really touch me were I am today and I must offer my sincere Thank you. Your words were a comfort!

Hope you have a good weekend with your Nells :)

Luisa Rodríguez said...

beautiful!! loved the post!

"But just remember who's holding you and the world around you, and you'll be just fine".

thank you for that. i really needed to hear it today.

i wish nells completely recovers soon.

His Little Lady said...

oh no! i hope Nells gets better soon. it's always so hard trying to keep dogs settled during recovery time. i bet he is loving those frozen peas though ;)
xo TJ

Elisha(: said...

ohh!! I SO SO hope Nells gets better!! He is the sweetest looking dog!! I'll also be praying for you.. <3
You look sooooo gorgeous in that 2nd picture!! Love looovee you Gina!!


Mary said...

i love your thankfulness in photos.
we are truly blessed indeed!
when i saw that photo and caption of your daughter, my heart skipped a beat because i KNOW what an amazing mother you are and what a testament to GRACE! amen!?
sooo beautiful!
i'm praying for you and that pup!
so glad he's doing well. :)
my favorite is lily of the valley, too...they smell divine!
cute shoes, too!
love you.

Heather said...

beautiful post as always. i need to read down and get caught up on what is going on with precious nells :(

just swinging by to let you know YOU are up on Mayspiration now and through Saturday! <3

Jenna Grace said...

Glad your pup is doing better! Love your daughter's dress- she looks beautiful!

Julie Marie said...

Loved all your pics. So glad things seem to be looking up:)

chambanachik said...

Your posts and pictures always made me so happy inside. <3


Glad your pup is good & healthy!


This post is full of so many things I love...LOVE IT!

You are beaUtiFULL <3

Mrs. T said...

such a sweet doggie!

ruma said...

Hello, ginanorma.

 Your heartwarming works fascinates my heart.

 Thank you for your kindness.
 And i pray for you and yours peace.

Have a good new-week. From Japan, ruma ❃

Nicole Marie said...

I hope I will be as pretty and sweet as you are when I hit your age. That dog is too cute! I hope your weekend is going lovely.

Caitlin C. said...

Awwww your puppy is SO SO cute - she looks just like my Bichon Lilly!! I'm so glad that he's doing better, I know how scary it can be when your dog is sick :(

Liza said...

So happy to hear that Nells is making positive progress however slow it is going!

I know I've said this before, but I'm always in such awe of your conscious choice to be joyful instead of being bogged down by all the negative things around you. That has been such a struggle for me through-out my life. It's something I'm trying to actively work on/pray on. This recent weekend trip has shown me I haven't gotten too far yet. I'm still in need of lots of work, but I'm happy that at least now I'm aware of it.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and I can't wait to hear about it! Much love and prayers my friend!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Oh Nells, SO GLAD HE IS DOING GOOD! Sick doggies are the saddest things ever!

Christine said...

I think I would love nothing more than to hear those words from my son about teaching him about forgiveness. Job well done mama :)

Chrissy said...

AH, such beautiful words from your daughter. How sweet and thoughtful.
I love all your pictures and I am so glad Nells is back home! xxx