Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cali Part Two, San Fran

It's a bit embarrassing to say that I was in San Francisco in March and that I am still not done sharing my photos, but I'll say it anyway: "I was in San Francisco in March and here are my photos that I still haven't shared." I posted Cali Part One here if you missed them.

 The very first night we arrived in San Fran it was cold and rainy. {sure makes for pretty pictures though, eh?} Madelynn and I needed about 20 attitude adjustments, and then we were fine. I guess we just didn't expect it, and back home in MN it was 80 and sunny! Oh for the love of irony!
The first night we explored the Mission District, which the main drag, or famous street is Valencia. We ate at a hot spot pizza joint that took 3 hours to get into. But it was well worth it. I think I swallowed my pieces whole:/

The three of us loved the area so much{tons and tons of thrift stores, vintage galore, cafe's} that we went back to it the next morning for breakfast. We had seen a restaurant the night before called Fritz that we thought looked cool and aesthetically beautiful. 
The food was amazing, they were known for their Belgian Waffles. I had a strawberry/banana/nutella one.

This is the Goodwill on Mission Street in the Mission District--the most famous Goodwill--best Goodwill in San Francisco! I was in my glory.

 I want one of these in my town!
 I adored this cross. {hint: above my head on the right}

I fAreeeaked out when I saw this pink house!

 After breakfast we headed to the famous Clarion Alley; my husband is a tad obsessed with Graffiti. Just a tad.
 I must say I was pretty blown away.

Isn't she cool?
I love her too.
 and her. . .{wink}

 The crooked street!!! I went down several times as a kid-when I lived in San Jose we spent many weekends in San Fran.

 Ok so my husband has a thing for graffiti, I have a thing for architecture and buildings. I seriously could not get enough! I was like a kid in a candy store.

 Look at these beautiful colors!

How adorable is Chinatown?!
Madelynn and I kept saying the whole time in San Fran--we'd look at each other and say, "I feel like I'm in a movie."
That is one of the best ways to describe San Francisco.
 I mean paper lanterns, banners, pretty colors, and Chinese papers?! Loved it all.

Not sure if any of you are familiar with Bansky's work, but he's a famous graffiti artist and this is one of his pieces! It has Plexiglas over it to protect it. It was surreal to see it.


 We were out on Pier 39 and we were freezing I'm tellin ya, just freeeeeeeezzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

 Fisherman's Wharf!!!
Too bad we don't really eat seafood.

Amazing Sourdough bread.

Mulberry Trees

San Francisco is really a magical city in so many ways. It has so much to offer: architecture, color, the beauty of nature {Redwoods especially}, the two bridges, history, food, and people. So much diversity, which I adore. It's a city that could be explored over and over again. I truly loved it! So much different and better to see it through my 38 year old eyes than my 7 year old eyes. I hope luck or privilege brings me back. Because that is what got us there in March. {not sure about luck}

I decided to split this into 3 parts, so in a couple of days I'll have the Golden Gate Bridge, and Muir Woods up. I am sure this was picture overload already, but thank you for looking through them, and I'll see you soon. I've got a few fun blog posts planned, a new blog design coming in less than a month, and maybe a Vlog to give you an update on my belt!


Amira said...

Oh, I'm so bummed it was such crappy, cold weather while you were here!! San Fran is almost always foggy :-( but I'm sure you know that if you used to live in San Jose! Great pics, thanks for sharing :-)

Stela said...

LOVE all your photos!! It looked like you had a blast! Good think you packed some scarves for the chilly weather.

Kelly said...

i feel the same about architecture.

your making me want to go to SF so bad with these pictures.


Haeme and Robecca said...

Such a cool city! I really want to go at some stage... hah I went to Bali in March and am still getting round to posting pics! xxx

Nicole Marie said...

Love all of these! Each one is so different. Love your facial expression at Pier 39 while you were freezing.

vintch said...

it is the craziest thing to see someone you feel like you KNOW (you!!) in a place where you yourself (ME!) have been. i love the wharf, and that architecture and lombard street. i was just there two years ago. on those same grounds. thank you for taking me back there with this photographic journey, sweet friend.

Sarah said...

Wow it looks like you had a wonderful time!!! I love all the pictures you took. We've lived here since Feb and I STILL haven't made a trip down there. My mother comes this month to stay with me to help out once the baby arrive so maybe the hubs and I will make a day trip for a date. Thank you for your sweet comment the other day. I'm doing well thank you =)

- Sarah

ruthy ann said...

Love SAN FRAN...every time i visit its like the first time...that city is just so alive!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Hi Gina, I'm so glad you found me on Instagram so I could in turn find your blog :) San Fran looks lovely, I love going to Chinatown and the one you visited looks particularly good!

chambanachik said...

Oh gosh, I want to go now! It looks so cool!

His Little Lady said...

loving that room with the chandelier! too perfect! and seriously, this post is really having me miss SF. isn't is magical?!
xo TJ

Purposely at Home said...

Looks like a great trip!! All the buildings are A-MAZING. Love the colors.:)

Thank you ur question: I am 20 years old. I have been thinking and praying about you and your daughter...I hope things are better soon. :)


Creating Through LIFE said...

How fun! I want to go that resturant, I want that waffle. Love the bright green toe nail polish.

Julie Marie said...

love these pics too.. i am seriously jealous (not in an ungodly way-haha) of your style.. love the vintage, eclectic, style of everything you own and things you are interested in... you rock that look girl =)

Jasmine of ❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

i remember going to these places when i was a kid. great photos, gina. these are beautifuil!
btw, i guess i've already been following on bloglovin, lol.

very best,

charla beth said...

aww, i'm in LOVE with your san francisco posts:) all your pictures turned out so darling....the quaint buildings and the Golden Gate bridge. so pretty, they made my heart hurt!
it's so hard to capture san francisco, but i think you did an amazing job. and i love how you wrote that being there is like being in a movie. i swear, there is no better way to describe it. no matter how many times i've been to san francisco, it still never seems to be enough. sigh:)

so glad you had such an amazing, fun, and safe trip, gina!

p.s. i LOVE your yellow scarf! did you make it?