Friday, April 6, 2012

Whether Or Not... are a believer, follower, or historically believe in Jesus, today is a somber day. I happen to believe it really happened on that tragic night, on a tree, with two other men (who were guilty, Jesus was innocent).

I am a believer and a follower.

But I respect everyone's views, perspectives, beliefs, experiences and thoughts. 

Today a man over 2000 years ago suffered more physically and emotionally than you or I ever have or will.
It's the main reason I push through my life, because of the heaviness of His cross; it's much weightier than mine.

I would say He keeps me going, He kept walking up that hill to Calvary, so I choose to too.

Oh He walked with love, determination, grace, forgiveness (forgiving the two men at the top when He got there too), beauty, mercy, pain, and humility.

Will you walk up a hill that you didn't plan on going up? Will you go through pain that you wish you didn't have in life? Will you persevere in the toughest of ugliest of days? I will, because He did.


Lydia Criss Mays said...

Simply and powerfully, beautiful. Offers such a moment for us all to stop and reflect. We know you're seeing beautiful.

his little Lady said...

what a beautiful post to serve as a reminder of what this upcoming holiday is all about! :)
xo TJ

ruthy ann said...

btw...Yes, i'm on instagram. ruthyanntaylor :)

Creating Through LIFE said...

What a powerful post! Happy Easter =)

Natalie said...

Beautiful Gina! I hope you have a great Easter =)

Katie Jo said...

incredible Gina! what a profound post. Us American's get so caught up in the side of Easter as bunnies, egg hunts and candy we over look the history and meaning of what it actually is. This post is a powerful reminder of what honestly matters. Thanks for your heart of passion for the Lord, its inspiring.

blessings, Katie

Nicole Marie said...

Agreed, sweet friend, agree (:

Meredith Sledge said...

That cross photo is powerful. Wow.

Cherry said...

this post moved me emotionally and spiritually.