Friday, April 13, 2012

Sure Signs of Spring!

Who doesn't love this time of year. Everytime I've gotten out lately I have been like pretty much every other blogger ....wanting to capture signs of spring. The buddings I see from my very own trees get me really excited, but even from my walks around my neighborhood (which are over for a while, I learned at Rehab--it's a new program as I wear the belt-- yesterday walking is the worst thing for me right now. I've stopped walking Nells due to his pulling on the leash, but I can't even walk along side my husband with Nells on our nightly walks anymore)- capturing the familiar trees that I see year round burst into budding makes me glow!

Here are my eyes through Spring budding with a lot of help from Instagram, my dependable BFF:

I guess it's a little blurry. It doesn't quite focus. I guess Instagram does have a focusing thingy, but I'm not sure how to use it. Also a friend sent me some cute little lenses I can apply to the lense of my camera if I want to zoom in. I'll have to put that to use. I still like this capture. Don't you?

 This is not my Magnolia tree, but a local churches. I stopped when I was driving and got out and snapped a few.

 A blogging friend on Instagram saw this picture and said, "Hey I love your Tom's!" I said, "Hey, they aren't Tom's, get this, they are BOB'S! Tom's are too wide for my skinny feet but Bob's by Sketcher's fit like a glove:o!"
Another walk! It will be a hard habit to break :/

 Can you believe this little bird's nest I found on my walk one night? Me neither.

 Nells always makes me smile.

 Kevin and I on one of our nightly walks. I'm already mourning them. They are good times.

 A lot of Instagrammers loved this snapshot of Kevin and Nells, I do too.

 If you ever doubted Spring was here, let me assure you: Nells is sunbathing on the deck! He is so stubborn he will not do this unless it's the absolute perfect temperature. He' But adorable and lush, and lovely and sweet!!!

 My first daffodil of the season, a for sure sign of SPRING! Little did I know that this sucker belongs OUTside. . .I can't plant it, anyone want her?  Or, "Madelynn...I have a favor to ask..."

 On one of our nightly walks.

 I had an errand to run about an hour away from our home, and this town has like nothing. Ok, maybe a gas station. But I saw this barn and it was a hit with Instagrammers, I love it too!

 Can you see the Robin up there?

 Pretty short sleeved vintage blouses that you've had for 15 years or more are sure signs of spring!

 This is my tree in our front yard. It was planted when we moved in 5 years ago. Here it is a month ago.
And here it is today!

Getting out for a walk or just to get some fresh air can do one so good. My best friend was terribly ill this month, she's been fighting an illness for months now, and just getting out to breathe in some air did me good. Good for the body and mind.

 He's INside the door, must have been windy that day.

 The Cedar Birdhouse I got for Christmas, I ADORE it and so do the birds!!!

 My new Goldenponies from Etsy. Back in December, A from She Smiles, She Writes had a discount coupon for us to use from her blog, so I jumped on it and I JUST received them a couple of weeks ago; they are handmade in Mexico, thanks again Ashley, I never want to part from them! I wish I could wear them to bed :o

 Madelynn and Nells, love this. So precious to me.

I so hope you are having a beautiful Spring, and that you enjoyed my pictures, it was good to get feedback that you like my pictures, good news, because I want to keep sharing! And thanks again for the sweetest support a girl could ever want from my post earlier this week, wow--you guys know how to leave a girl speechless. Have a rockin or relaxing weekend!

P.S. I'd still like to do a post dedicated to my readers, and I only received a few photos and your city, so would you send one on out to me? I'd love to highlight you in a collage!!!


Elisha(: said...

hahahha I LOVE your Bob's!! ;)

and Gina, my big sister( I consider you that.. is that weird? yeah thought so..) you get prettier in every post!! <3

Nicole Marie said...

The first shot is awesome. I often experience the similar thing and like it. All of your other shots are great too. I love spring also (:

Jean said...

i love old barns! <3 <3

we need warmth here, don't you think so?

Kassie said...

I love reading your words and seeing your pictures.
I need to come here more often.
AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE your golden ponies. Man, so cute!

Thanks for taking time to read my blog! =)

Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

I love these pictures, especially the ones with the sunburst. They are all so beautiful :-)

Mary said...

i LOVE all of your pictures!
i am new to instagram and seriously cannot figure it the whole follower thing! haha!
i have long skinny feet, too, but i can still wear TOMS. those BOBs are adorbs, though!
we have twin shoes, mine are just turquoise. :)
and those ponies are SO VERY cute!
my daughter was just over my shoulder reading and commented on them, too. :)
oh, and whats your favorite instagram filter? i LOVE your shots with the sun streaming down! so pretty!
do you know which one you used for that?
have an awesome weekend!

Creating Through LIFE said...

I love Magnolia Trees! Great pictures. I just started using Instagram not too long ago. Still trying to get the hang of it, but it's quite fun.

O'Melly said...

Gina I love that blouse!!
You're a little ahead of us on the Spring front. It was getting nicer here, then this morningI woke up to big chunks of snow dumping down. It's still comin' down as I type this!

Thanks for your commet, it actually wasn't very cold at all on the top of the mountain.. and apparently we hit a perfect day because it's usually windy as heck, but there was nothing!

diana said...

all of these shots are wonderful :)

i love the emergence that is spring.

thanks for sharing!


a girl with a smile said...

I never part from my goldenponies either!

haha, and lol @ Bob's.

Justina F. Lee said...

I have a pair of bob's too! They get mistaken for Tom's but I actually like the fit of mine more. I totally wish I had instagram but I can't seem to convince myself to get a data phone...maybe in the future!

hannah singer said...

YOU are cute. and these spring shots sunnied my soul. xo

Autumn said...

Do you have to limit your walks and other exercise while you wear the belt or is it encouraged to go about your regular routine? Is it beginning to feel more normal (about a million questions)?

We had a magnolia tree in my front yard growing up. It smelled so wonderful and the blooms were probably a foot wide sometimes. Thanks for making me think of a nice memory :)

Rachael said...

Gorgeous pictures! I wish spring were holding more promise here in England, it's still so cold.Rx

theolivetree said...

love these spring photos!!!

chambanachik said...

A beautiful life.

ruthy ann said...

my dog pulls too...even after training. boo. what filters are you using? your photos are just beautiful!

Julie Marie said...

your BOBS!!! I ALMOST bought those exact shoes the other day. i was debating on either those or moccasins... i want to go back and get them still =)

chestnutmocha said...

great pics, Gina! oh, we don't have any flowers on the streets yet. Those magnolias look amazing!!
ps: thanks for your congratulations!! :-)