I Was Born March First

Hi! It's my Birthday today (kinda wondered if I do a post today at all or if I do one do I do it about my Birthday or what? How many times did I say do in that sentence?)
I'm 38 today! I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite pictures--ones that are special to me in some way, so I can share more of my life with all of you. {I would have liked to have gotten some older ones, but I'm not a digital kid, so there are obviously many many pics missing out}. I really hope you enjoy what I've selected!
This is my Mom and I in 1975, ain't I cute? And isn't my Mom gorgeous!?!

Wow. This was my 3rd Grade school picture. Not only did we not have much money, but my Mom was terrible at doing hair, can you tell?! This top was maroon, remember when that was "in". After scanning in several pics onto our computers, somehow this ended up black and white. But you get the drift. 

Here is me and Madelynn at the North Shore on Lake Superior last summer looking for agates. It's something I did when I was a kid, so I wanted her to experience the same thing. Only difference? My siblings and I lasted 3 hours; Madelynn and I? 20 minutes! LOL

Morning coffee on the North Shore, outside our cabin

I just love our North Shore pictures. We spent 4 days last summer at a cabin, just the three of us--it was cherished time.

Walking the Sonju Trail a little.
I am no photographer, not good at all actually. My husband has got some skills artistically, and behind the camera he's amazing. But I got this shot! It's at a Nature Preserve last Fall and I adore it!

Mother's Day last year, we did a little impromptu photo shoot in the Mall. I can't get enough of this reel.

When I first started blogging, it was really in 2007. But I couldn't keep up with it, but I had my husband take a couple pics of me in our backyard so I would have a couple profile pics etc. This is one of those.

Oh boy. Here we are in Cabo San Lucas Mexico obviously in the water with DOLPHINS! One of the greatest experiences of my entire life. I am scared of water, so I was very timid at first, and then I was nervous and scared of the Dolphin, and then I resorted to freaking out because Ricardo was so incredible!
{March, 2010}

Ooooh I love Nells here for two reasons. One, he's in the sunlight, and two he has a feather in his hair!

One of my favorite dance shots of Madelynn. Really beautiful. 

I've mentioned before how I am attracted to old style photos, and this reminds me of old hollywood; it's her in the dressing room getting ready to go on stage for a Play, I just love it! So regal.

I've shared the shot of Madelynn putting her eyeliner on in the Kitsch motel in Milwaukee last summer, but not the shot of me. This is the one Madelynn got of me. It's my Instagram profile pic.

This is one of my favorite paintings at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It's a Prendergast.
{August 2009}

My Dad lived in Arizona for 8 years, and we'd go visit from time to time. This is several years ago outside of San Xavier church in the Tuscan area; I adore people so much and thought this woman was so cute that I took a picture with her. I'm a nerd, I know.

Myself, my husband and Madelynn together went on a Mission trip in January 2007 to Puebla, Mexico. This is me at the Orphanage feeding a little boy. He was beaten by his mother with a liquor bottle over and over. 

Here I am in Crete, Greece on the beach. Oh man, how I miss Greece.

Kevin and I at Mars Hill in Athens, craziness that we were there. Mars Hill is where Paul first preached Christianity. How cool is that?

Us in front of the Parthenon on Acropolis Hill! November/2011

This is one of Kevin and I's first photos together. Madelynn actually took it. It's in our first apartment together when we were engaged. Summer of 2001.

One of my favorite pictures has got to be of my fresh INK! My first tattoo; happened in Crete!

This is in the sweetest town in Crete called Rethymno; that's me peeking out of our room.

Having coffee on the Beach in Rethymno/Crete

Ahhh Santorini! You have a piece of my heart.

Santorini on our balcony. Me attempting to understand this beauty and the view. Not possible.

Acropolis Hill/Athens. Another attempt to comprehend what was right before me. Impossible.

 Loving this baby at the petting Zoo.

Our first family portrait taken/January of 2005

 My girlfriend and I walking our dogs. I love this picture because it captures something I cherish. Something simple as walking your dog with a good friend. These moments become more rare the older we get. Why is Nells behind me on a leash? Hmm, who is the mystery walker?! And what is with that big flower on my head!?!

 Madz and I in our yard, Fall of 2010. The big pooch is our Golden-doodle that we use to have for almost 4 years. We adopted her out last summer. Sweet Hazel, we miss you!

Me, Madz and her BFF walking Nells at the dog park. SEE why I chopped off my hair?!
Geez it's like a massive wig.

And lastly, I love this photo because it's me at my 36th Birthday, and I'm opening a card from one of my good friends. I also had just gotten done eating one of my favorite pieces of Pie and had a French Press. I think that's the perfect birthday. This year it's Homemade Key Lime pie that is calling, with a latte'.

There are many things that make birthdays sweet. So far I have had 3 kisses from my teenager. My sister sang to me, and I have seen 5 birds, including a Cardinal and a female Cardinal. OH, and my coffee was extra tasty. OH, and my parents called, and I got texts from friends. Oh and I got packages in the mail and cards, one with a lottery ticket.
Oh and I also received a couple E-cards. And a lot of Facebook messages.

Birthdays are days that show people how much others think of us, and how much we can impact others.
I think Birthdays are sweet. Especially when Key Lime Pie is in the mix.


Jennifer said…
I love the pics! Happy Birthday!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!
Elisha(: said…
happy birthdaay to one of the most kind, thoughtful, beautiful, and sweet people here on this earth. <3 I love you Gina!! :) may it be fantastic!!

p.s. these pictures are all so great!! i love them :)
Michelle said…
I love your picures!! I'm dealing with some jealousy issues over your trip to Greece ;)You are SO beautiful!!!!

Have the happiest of birthdays! Virtual cards, texts, and hugs to you!
ruthy ann said…
what a beautiful photo montage! There is a lot of life lived in those 38 years! happy birthday!
Kayla said…
Happy Birthday! All of those pictures are wonderful! :)
Kelly said…
Happy Birthday!
You are beautiful inside and out. i hope that this year brings you many blessings.
God Bless!
HopeUnbroken said…
ah, we ARE soul sisters! i LOVE key lime pie :-)
happy, happy birthday, beautiful friend!
love all these pics and glimpses into the story of your life. isn't it amazing to look back on the journey and remember some of the highlights? i just love that. my day has been brightened by sharing in your memories and joy.
so glad you're getting lots of love around there. enjoy the rest of your day!
Shane said…
I saw this on facebook, happy birthday pretty lady! Hope its amazing :)

xo Shane
KnittedFox said…

Happy birthday!!
Natalie said…
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Gina! Hope it's a great one and that God richly blesses you in the upcoming year as well! Enjoy your pie and latte =D
Emily Kate said…
What a lovely 38 years it looks like you've lived. You're one blessed lady, happy birthday!
hennymats said…
Happy birthday! My little one turned three today btw.

Loved you photos, you look so pretty and happy and adventurous in them! I miss Crete, too. I've actually been to that town, I love that part of Crete.

May the next 38 years be just as wonderful!

Happy birthday!
Jean said…
Happy Birthday!

I love the North Shore! And I love the beautiful places you've been to! Keep having a great day!!
Emily said…
happyyyyy birthday! i enjoyed the pics, they were all so great! key lime pie?? jealous!
Kathy Masterjohn said…
This beautiful birthday girl is my Baby girl. She is beautiful inside and out. You can't help but love her to pieces.
Cait Emma said…
what great photos! youre so pretty! happy birthday hon! xoxo
Mandy Crandell said…
So many lovely shots! Hope you have the happiest of birthdays!

Great pictures. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and you have a year FULL of blessings!
Happy Birthday my dear!
Happy birthday! So many great experiences to look back on! To another 38! ;)


stephanie said…
happy birthday pretty lady!!!! love the pics! you are so lovely.
Mary said…
love you, girl, and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
i can't believe how late i am, but i hope your day was amazing!
you are a true beauty.
inside and out!
Anonymous said…
Aw, happy belated birthday, you stunning woman you!! xoxo
Gaby said…
Happy birthday Gina! Lovely shots, such a nice way to get a glimpse into your life :)
chambanachik said…
Key lime pie is amazing, you are beautiful, and gosh, what a wonderful life.
Meredith Sledge said…
You are absolutely gorgeous!!! Love all these!
Julie Marie said…
i am sorry i was MIA for your birthday, but i hope you had a happy one. i loved looking at all these pics. youre so pretty and i love your style =) thanks for stopping by and for your prayers for us this week! it means so much to me to have people praying... and new friendships! i cant say this enough. =)
Alana said…
What amazing photos! I hope your birthday was just as wonderful. :)
Farrah said…
Sounds like you had an amazing birthday Gina. Loving the photos and I've been following up on your birthday via Instagram too (LOVE THOSE SHOES).

Much love,
Anna said…
Really sorry that I didn't see this before now! Happy, happy, happy late birthday to you! I hope it was a wonderful one.

You look beautiful on all photos, especially the ones from your cabin and Greece.
Sarah B. said…
Happy belated birthday, friend! I'm so sorry I missed the actual day. The wish is just as much sincere as it would have been on the day of. I promise! ;) Can't wait to hear all the adventures of year 38! Wishing you all happiness in the year to come! <3
Sarah B. said…
Happy belated birthday, friend! I'm so sorry I missed the actual day. The wish is just as much sincere as it would have been on the day of. I promise! ;) Can't wait to hear all the adventures of year 38! Wishing you all happiness in the year to come! <3
Chrissy said…
Oh no, how did this happen? How did I totally miss this? I am so sorry!! So, here I am saying Happy Birthday one month later! So sorry!
Wow, wonderful photos, wonderful memories and can I just say how beautiful and happy you look in all of them!
I am catching up on March over here, as I write this! Have a wonderful weekend, beautiful friend!
Hugs xxx
happy belated birthday! you were such a beautiful baby! you're a gorgeous woman now.. you look so young that i was shocked that you had a daughter all grown. :) these are great photos--you have a lovely family. :)

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