Friday, March 30, 2012

Doggy Dog World

Ah, we went to the dog park. Um, a bit too soon.

We got so anxious a few weeks ago when it hit like 68 for the first time in months that I thought it would be a grand idea to take Nells to the dog park. Ya, not so much.

What spells t.r.o.u.b.l.e?

This little guy can be quite the trouble maker when he wants to be. But I didn't think it through clearly enough, because when you take a long winter with cold and SNOW, and then you get 60 degrees, you get a not so dry dog park! Duh! Just a couple of Minnesotans desperate for warmth apparently. 

That sun felt so good....

What a fine mess!

 Can you see the little Shyster? Hint-to the left.

Oh boy.


 Beautiful sunset!

It was perfect to end the evening with a warm latte'!

See you soon. Thanks for bearing with me on the heavier posts during the MARRIAGE SERIES,
and thank you again for all your encouragement and support. It was wonderful and humbling to hear from you all! 


Chrissy said...

Oh boy, I had a similar messy experience with our pup not too long ago. Our guest bathroom looked like a hot mess afterward and so did I, but the pup was sparkly clean! haha
Happy weekend xxx

tia said...

too flippin cute! pup looks like trouble you're right but oh my curly haired goodness :) you are beautiful. I love the pictures of you- your hair= perfection.

Courtney said...

Oh too funny! Hopefully the clean-up was quick and painless? p.s. I LOVE when you put little snippets of your clothes into your posts. I just adore the outfits you wear. So beautiful!

Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

These photos are so beautiful, Gina!

Katie Jo said...

I just came across your blog, and fell in love. This post is full of beautiful pictures. The tree picture is my favorite, you choose the perfect edits!
--now following.

Elisha(: said...

beautiful pictures of you!! :)

Cherry said...

Cute pup!

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