The UPS Store

I blogged about how I had a really off week last week, but even this took me by surprise.
Ok, I am someone with impeccable impeccable manners. I am polite to a T. I raised my daughter the same way.

Last week I sold two vintage afghans in my etsy shop, and I was too lazy to drive all the way (less than 5 miles) to the post office to mail them, so I went to the UPS store, (it's walking distance close).  It was all I could do to crack any kind of smile last week, and it was no different walking into the UPS store. (I kept thinking to myself, boy I am in need of grace this week, and in this store I was obnoxious).

I walked in without a smile on my face, and approached the puffy envelopes on the wall to my left. I noticed there were only like 3 sizes (come on!), so I walked toward the counter and asked the adorable teenage boy: "Is this all you guys have for options on puffy envelopes???" (yes in my head it was several question marks)--
He answered, "Ah, yes, yes ma'am."
I literally rolled my eyes at him and said, "Really? Ugh, you're kidding me? Why?" 
He said, "Not sure, ma'am, I agree we don't have a big assortment."
I didn't say anything except huffed and puffed and oh, ya I spoke rudely to him for the next 10 minutes while he priced shipping out for me. Internally I was so upset with myself that I was treating this sweet boy so poorly, but it's like I just couldn't help myself. It is rare, very rare for me to be rude to anyone in public, so it's something I notice right away if I'm off.

As he finished up, he told me thank you and to have a good night, and as I started walking away I was convicted, and I said,
"You too honey.... I'm sorry I got frustrated about the envelopes."
He replied, "Awh, that's ok ma'am, I understand, you have a good night."

Talk about grace! And unexpected with sweetness! This boy gave me such a gift by saying that to me, and being so gracious after the way I behaved. It was such a lovely surprise.
When I think about the whole 10 or so minutes I was there, I think about how I knew I was behaving poorly. I knew I wasn't being a Light. I knew I wasn't being kind. And isn't that the key? I knew in my heart I was being a brat, and I think because I was aware of that, God blessed me. I think that boy being so generous to me was a gift. It's important to be in tune internally, not because I think I'll get a blessing, but because God can turn it around for us, and we can be a blessing! We can come out of the muck in a moment by simply being humble like I was with that UPS worker! It was such a simple moment where I was thankful for grace so so much. It was a moment where calling on God in an instant created beauty. It was in a moment that I realized how much I adore connecting with humanity. It was in a moment that I met the face of humility and a stranger showed me grace. All this at a tiny UPS store a mile from my house.

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hannah singer said…
this is lovely. so thankful you received such grace there. HE is there, in a lame stocked ups store.

hope you're feeling great, happy new week to you, sweetie!
hannah singer said…
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ChinkyGirLMeL said…
Awww what a kind kid that was. I wish there were more kids like him. =)
Ferial Trammell said…
I love that you recognized what you were up to, felt convicted, and finished WELL. PRAISE OUR GOOD FATHER FOR RECONCILIATION AND REDEMPTION!
N. said…
Loved this post! I've had conversations just like this in my head, but I am hardly ever aware enough to catch myself being nasty until well after the fact. I'm glad you were able to see it and apologize to him before leaving. :)
Cindi said…
Wow, just amazing. This really was touching. I LOVED this. Isn't grace amazing!? :) I am just in wow over this post. Lovely, Gina. :)

Wow! I had a somewhat similar experience in a parking lot last week. I had a rude exchange with a woman who was also being incredibly rude and the entire time I was thinking "Stop!! Just stop!" I swear I thought about you and how I was NOT exhibiting grace in that particular moment. I apologized to the woman and she threw another snotty remark at me as I walked away. I really get incredibly disappointed with myself when that ugliness surfaces.
Elisha(: said…
loverly!! :)

love you!!
How beautiful God's grace abounds even in our ugliness. Thank you for sharing this moment with us.
memory said…
Oh me, moments like this... they hit hard for me too. I only wish I would have the gumption to apologize on bad days like this like you did to that guy. Good for you and thank you for your example to me.

Natalie said…
As usual, your Monday grace-based posts always leave me encouraged =)
O'Melly said…
I can relate to this moment of yours all too well! I do have a strong belief that our attitude affects so much in life, and that by projecting kindness, we really do make the world a better place. however, with that being said, as humans I believe it's essential to express our emotions as a release, and sometimes forcing a smile isn't always the healthiest choice, but finding the balance is very important.

<3 You're such a classy lady!
How sweet. it's no nice to cross paths with lovely human beings.

What a VERY relatable post! Now if only we were all brave enough to end on a good note like you did.
Kelly said…
thankful for God's mercy and grace.
love you! hope your week is on. :)
ruth@gracelaced said…
I think when we experience grace in these times, we are more apt to remember to extend it the next time we are on the receiving end of another's struggle. Thanks for sharing!
Emily Rose said…
Isn't it wonderful how one thing can make us feel so much better? This was such a sweet post:)
ruthy ann said…
I have moments like this often, which means I'm apologizing often. :)
Julie Marie said…
i love God showing up in those moments where you realize you need him!and its good to see beauty in a lesson from God =)
LOVE this story! We all have crappy days, it's good when you can realize it!
I think you are strong for addressing your own weaknesses in front of the boy, and I am sure that he appreciates that. He must get rude clients sometimes, and from his point of view I think it was great that you showed him some humanity by acknowledging your behavior. God's grace can be seen in many things can't it? :)
jennifer blair said…
That is so neat that you found such a beautiful reminder of grace at UPS! God has funny ways of teaching us sometimes!
jennifer blair said…
That is so neat that you found such a beautiful reminder of grace at UPS! God has funny ways of teaching us sometimes!
Mary said…
i love that you were humble enough to recognize your sin and to repent for it.
there is so much power in admitting our wrongs and learning from them.
what a lesson in grace, girlfriend!
thanks for sharing.

ps i'm sorry they didn't have what you needed, but i guess it turned out to be a beautiful thing, huh? ;)
So well done my dear...I just love you and how you speak so honestly from the heart...sending you love.
chambanachik said…
So sweet. I love your honesty!

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