My Week In Pictures

One, out of many great things blogging has helped me with is taking pictures! Before blogging I wouldn't say it was rare that I had my camera out, but it wasn't very often. Now I seem to take at least one photo a day and sometimes more. I've only ever experienced recording my days through journaling, so discovering this way has been fun for me.
 The one night I got out, it was out to dinner as I mentioned with my Mom, Aunts and Sister. I had cheesecake for dessert and stole the whip cream from on top of it to put in my coffee; absolutely delish. I need to watch it with the cream, I'm obsessed, but don't want clogged arteries. 
Putting on lipstick feels good sometimes. 
This one's pretty obvious. Nothin like my journal, quote book and bible to nourish my soul.

I'm doing the Febphotoaday challenge on Instagram, and one of the days this week was A Favorite Photo of You-
This is my Wedding day 10 years ago, and I was so happy!!! That is Madelynn to the right of me; she was sort of crabby that day-I don't blame her--must have been confusing for her Mom to get married!
I do something called Body Unwinding on a weekly basis along with my other treatments. It can really help some weeks, other weeks not so much, but I love going.
 I forced myself to get to the kitchen table and do an easy craft. I will post about it next week!
I sold TWO Afghans this week on my Etsy Shop, wow! What a little boost. It was cool. Here is one all ready to be shipped off. 
{A lady in Norway is interested in the last Afghan I have listed; she wanted me to look into shipping, so I did--guess how much?
Anywhere from $100-$150 bucks! That is insane to me, when did shipping overseas become so expensive!?)
And of course Buddy Boondis, we did an extreme amount of snuggling this week, what a good boy!

See you next week!


Jean said…
cool afghan!

i wish i could stand lipstick... but i can't. :/

i could imagine how stressful your daughter was on your wedding day, but you look gorgeous & so happy!

have a great weekend, gina!
Michelle said…
Such a cute puppy! I can't even handle it.

Your lipstick is beautiful...sometimes it just makes you feel like a whole new person :)

Your afghan looks so, so cute. I love those! I will have to check yours out!

Daisy said…
Yes! Blogging has helped me with photos as well. I actually think I really enjoy it now. I really like the lipstick. I liked this better than Friday's letters ;)
stephanie said…
oh my goodness! you were such a stunning bride!!!! hope you have a really great weekend too friend ; )
Natalie said…
Wow! You're handwriting is so pretty! =D
Elisha(: said…
your SO PRETTY!!!!
Jessica said…
Just found your blog from Mama Loves Papa...looking forward to your marriage series! I am your newest follower. :) ~Jessica (
Julie Marie said…
ive always loved taking photos.. now i have a way to show them off =)
Laura@Splendor said…
I love that you have a quote book, what a great idea. And you really were a gorgeous bride!
memory said…
I always love your crafts, so I can't wait to see this one when it's finished!
Oh and that bride picture of you is simply lovely. I love the joy radiating from your face :)
Also, I saw where you and Courtney got together for a coffee date on her blog...I'm completely jealous of both of you! :)

Lovely B. said…
Gorgeous photos! I love instagram. Hope we could follow each other and be friends :)

instagram : @Yvel
Hailey Marie said…
Gorgeous photo from your wedding day! I absolutely love the afghan! I hope you post more in the shop soon :)

side note: shipping is absolutely outrageous... I was going to send a 3lb package to friends in Cambodia, UPS wanted $400 and couldn't guarantee it would get there. I laughed out loud like a crazy woman. And last week, shipping a 8-piece box of sees candy three states away cost me $13. Outrageous. It's so not fair for small businesses/individuals without the overhead to cover the cost.
you looked gorgeous on your wedding day!! i love the lipstick shot- you are beautiful gina! xo
Cait Emma said…
great post - i love lipstick. its a girls best friend ha

great blog! i hope youre having a fantastic weekend xo

Danielle said…
Love these photos! I love having all the pictures on my blog so that I can go back and read old posts. It's my favorite thing! Your blog is adorable. Newest reader!
Gaby said…
love these shots, and yes, lipstick can do wonders for one's mood!
what a fabulous week you had! these are lovely photos. :) your buddy boondis is darling. :) i absolutely love your wedding photo. you are gorgeous. :)hope you are having a fab week, g!

chambanachik said…
You are beautiful, and the lipstick looks great! And I love that wedding photo.

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