Friday, February 24, 2012

Microscope Heart

Hi guys--I am super excited and happy to have Courtney from Vintch guest posting today. We are doing posts for one another, on something really special that she calls Microscope Heart, so you can find me over at her blog today. I know you will fall in love with Courtney's writing, she's one of the greatest writer's I've ever met. And a dear friend. Thank you Courtney!

hi friends! this is courtney from vintch. i am so, so happy to grace gina’s blog today. this is a strong, beautiful woman of God, and i am honored to call her a friend and confidant. today we’re doing a little double-feature of my microscope heart series. the focus of the series is to identify the smallest thing that makes you happy, and write about it. because life is big. and overwhelming, and sometimes, a little too much to handle. but if we can focus, if only for a second, on the tiny things, we can break it down into tangible bits of love.

for me, this week, it was the promise of coffee. not particularly the coffee, though it was dark and strong and, sitting atop my kitchen counter, with my legs dangling above the floral linoleum and dawn stretching her pretty neck into my window, it rushed warmly through my body and stirred me awake. rather, it was the anticipation of the coffee break. the moment while my fingers pounded furiously on the keyboard and the afternoon beat heavy on my neck and then i remembered—there’s hot coffee down the hall. and i minimized my screens and stretched my back and stood as the hot liquid filled my little white mug.

it was a brief reprieve, but sweet for certain. 

thank you, gina, for the chance to guest post!

I would also like to official announce that myself, Courtney from Vintch, and Morgan from Mama Loves Papa  will be doing a series on marriage! The three of us discovered that we had a similar passion for talking about marriage, and sharing our experiences. 

The series will consist of 5 Topics, and link-ups. You'll link up on one of our blogs, and it will show up on ALL of our blogs. It will start on Tuesday, February 28th; our first topic will be Expectations. Don't go thinkin that you are out of the picture if you aren't married! We want anyone that is married, single, engaged, divorced... everyone can contribute, please!

Here are the other 4 topics:
-Comparisons(or keeping passion alive or things "exciting", your pick) 
-Loving Through (when unexpected trauma happens)
-Strong Marriage while parenting (or issues with infertility, or hopes for kids one day etc..)

We hope you will think about writing something, the sky is the limit! We want this to be an authentic sharing experience! We hope it's a growing and learning experience. So grab our button, and start thinking about what you could share!

Have a super weekend everyone, I appreciate you all so much. {I will miss doing Friday's Letters today, next week}!

Marriage Series Button


Emily Rose said...

You are a fabulous writer! Great post!

ginanorma said...

Courtney, this might be one of the wittiest posts yet, wait, I always say that! LOVE

Daisy said...

What a great post and a great idea to highlight the small stuff. Great blog! Can't wait to hear the marriage series.

Julie Marie said...

what a great idea !!! hmmm i have been married 15 years.. maybe i will have something to contribute =)

vintch said...

thanks, gina! it was such an honor posting on here. i LOVED your post too:) nells has captured my heart! i'm so excited for this series! xo

Jelli said...

Yay! I can't wait to read these! I'll be doing my best to come up with a great link post sometime. Just found your blog, and I really enjoy it!

Joyeful said...

such a great idea!!! love it!

Mel said...

I am very excited for this series! I am planning on joining!

chambanachik said...

So beautiful. Excited for this series!

Kathy Masterjohn said...

I absolutely love reading your blog.