Friday's Letters

dear dad,
i'm so glad for the ringtones you have on your phone. it gives me a good excuse to indulge in and sing to songs i otherwise wouldn't. i'm particularly enjoying "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson this week.

dear whitney,
being a child of the 80's, you were one of my idols along with michael, prince and madonna. you are gone too soon; i'll never forget the jam sessions in my room in front of my full length mirror with my hair brush.

dear neighbors, (that live directly behind me)
why oh why do you keep the back porch light on during the evenings? I don't get it. I'm trying to relax in my living room or watch TV,  and it never fails...your light is beaming into my space. oh i so want to knock on your door and tell you so!

dear March,
are you really only two weeks away? i really am liking 37.

dear schoolology, {google it},
i'm not really diggin you and if this is the turn public schools are taking, i am glad my daughter is
graduating next year. i am a fan of public schooling, it's treated us well, and my daughter
has excelled, but what is the point of this method?!

dear best friend,
thank you so much for the sweet valentine's gift, i love the little deer pouch from Etsy, and
i have devoured all the candy inside. it was so thoughtful of you.

dear nells,
I'm so glad your hair is growing back after your buzz cut back in December, I so prefer your fluff  and curls over any other hairdo you have.

Photo my husband took Valentine's night.



such a great pic! you are gorgeous, and your pup is pretty darn precious too!
Mindy M. Harris said…
what a sweet post. your picture is so so pretty. thank you for commenting on my blog on the valentine's post. i was trying to do something different. my family is my #1 LOVE.
Emily Rose said…
I was shocked when I heard Whitney had passed on. So much talent...
Ahh!I feel for you on the neighbor thing, that light would drive me crazy! That photo of you is gorgeous! :-)
Oh! I Googled schoololog. I find it a bit frightening. Why does EVERYTHING have to be done with a computer?
Such a lovely way to recap your week!!!
Erin said…
Ha ha your Dad's ringtone made me giggle! I can remember the time I bought one of her sad she is gone already. You are so pretty in this picture!
Emily Hope said…
I was so sad to hear of Whitney's passing. Like you I also had jam sessions in front of the mirror - with a hair brush mic. Maybe I will do a tribute show this weekend?!

p.s. I think it's amazing that your dad's ringtone is Kelly Clarkson. SO FUNNY!!!!
Tracy said…
Found you on Adventures of Newlyweds, hi!
Tisas Creations said…
LOL - I love the post about the porch light! LOVE. Thanks for sharing!
Paislea Elyse said…
i love this! i need to start doing letters each week!!

your picture is great and thank you for your comment on mine! you are too sweet!

happy friday!

drop by allister bee soon!
That is too funny that your dad's ringtone is Kelly Clarkson, really made me laugh!

Loved reading this! You are such a witty writer!
Wonderful blog you have here!

The Urban Umbrella
Laurie J said…
oh no, not the neighbor with the blairing lights at night! lol. happy weekend
The Soul Anchor said…
Your birthday is soon?! That's exciting!!! I love birthdays :)
chambanachik said…
I love these letters posts!
Kelly said…
I really lime these letters it a great way to be intentional in remembering the week.
When is you birthday?
stephanie said…
ummm googeling schoololgy right now! love your letter to your dad to ; )

and yeah you could totally pull off a flannel! you're so cute!!!
aw, yay! aren't these little notes so much fun? and you must have a march birthday too! :)
xo TJ
Justina F. Lee said…
I love these little letters :-) That neighbor issue would bother me so much..
gina, you look so pretty. love the photo!

great letters. heartwarming. :)

tia said…
you are so creative and inspiring. I again, love this like I love everything else you do. you could make a book out of these and it would be amazing.

p.s. I have an amazing giveaway going on and it involved how grateful I am for my followers, that includes you! I want you to be able to get in on it <3
SymbioticLife said…
Such a lovely post. Is there no way to block out the light from those neighbors to the back? That would drive me crazy. My grandmother used to leave her back porch light on in the evenings but that was more about the fact that it'd be summer and we'd leave the back door open with only the screen door between us and the world. She liked seeing people or animals coming before they were actually there. I have a hard time imagining that's the premise here considering the time of year and your general location. I think of all the great musical icons in my life time and how many of them have died and realize that so many of them have either died because of drug abuse or have at the very least, had a history of heavy drug usage. It's so depressing. I'm not even sure I can handle looking up schoolology. I'm listening to things lately and wondering "Really??" just about every time I turn around. It's doing my head in. hehehehe. That's why I come seek out your posts. It's good to find a peace of calm and soothing quiet in this mad world. Sweet picture of you on valentines day. I bet you had a lovely evening.
Liv Lundelius said…
Such a beautiful picture! i just discovered your blog and really like it.
Funmilayo said…
i love "stronger" and yes, rip whitney
hennymats said…
love the letters and that picture is soooooo pretty!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week :)
Julie Marie said…
sooooo cute. i love these...
theolivetree said…
love the list! I might have to skip your school post I already have anxiety about our daughter going to kindergarten next

So true about Whitney...I loved her when I was little!
I would totally go knock on your neighbors' door if I was you - maybe they don't realize it's annoying?
juliet jones said…
love this idea!! :) great post!

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