Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Re-vamp Old Scrapbook!

we've all got one of these old Scrapbook's laying around, don't we?
{i think because i live part time in thrift stores, that maybe that's why i do}
i miss the "old way" of Scrapbooking; saving pieces of paper of all kinds--
 from receipts, movie stubs, to Playbills; and then taping them in a good old-fashioned Srapbook.
I have a Madonna Scrapbook, Prince, France/Holland one and a JFK Jr. one from back in the days of saving our memories this way.
I thought I'd share with you a simple way to decorate the cover and backside, (maybe this will get us to get stuff in them)!
 Here are all the supplies you will need: Decoupage, scissors, images that have been photo copied (this way it's thin enough to stay down), a sponge brush, and of course, an old scrapbook!
 I've been collecting images and pictures that I've loved for years. So I have a box full of clippings; you can use anything from cards you like, stationary, wrapping paper or pictures from magazines.
Cut  out  each  image.
 Glue the back of it with the Decoupage 
 Apply/lay it down where ever you want it! Just start on an edge, it's really easy, make it a non-perfection project!
Ta-Da, my first piece is on!
Gettin busy cutting! My daughter was so lovely to take these pics for me for this post!
 Starting to be transformed. . .the little mushroom is not alone anymore!

Oh, I forgot to mention, make sure you untie the gold rope, if yours comes with it, while you are doing your project, and then retie it when it's all dry. 
This is the back, which you don't have to do, but if you have the time, it
sort of completes it.
 After all the clippings are glued (decoupage) down, go over the whole surface with decoupage; it will look a little thick and shiny like this, that's OK, it will dry nicely. {dries in less than 5 minutes typically} I used about 3 coats

There is no real rule to how you add the decoupage, you can dump it right on top of the scrapbook (maybe half dollar size or more and then spread it), or you can dip your foam brush in the jar of decoupage.
Finished product!
Isn't it sweet and lovely? 
I've already added things to it, such as encouraging notes from
my readers/followers at my blog!!!
Other things added so far:
~"We Bought A Zoo" Movie ticket stub
~A program to my daughter's Show Choir performance in LaCrosse Wisconsin
~A card from a friend
~A receipt from Candyland {I love that place}

I really hoped you liked this somewhat fast (took me less than 2 hours), easy craft idea
and hope you will give it a try! Let me know if you do!


Paislea Elyse said...

what a cute idea! i love this!!

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Natalie said...

love it! =)

Rainbow Bekah said...

Love this idea! I have that very same scrapbook filled with things from my teens, and onto my wedding and honeymoon (there's our first grocery receipt in there!), so I totally am with you on saving the little things and not just pictures. :0)

Jessi said...

So cute! I'm with you. I think scrapbooks are fro scraps, pieces of our days and lives. I have plently of photos but I love including all the memorabilia that goes along with them!

Stela said...

Thanks for sharing!! I've never done a scrapbook before but now I kinda want to! It looks like so much fun.
Love all the pictures!

vintch said...

oh my gosh. i have that EXACT, EXACT same scrapbook. we are such kindred souls, my friend. i LOVE this idea.

The Arizona Russums said...

it looks so cute. i went through a decoupage obsession in college, but i haven't played with it for a long time. maybe it's time... :)

Jamie said...


Erin said...

Wow that turned out so awesome! :)

stephanie said...

It looks amazing! I love it. Totally want to do this now! Thanks for the inspiration friend! Xo

Jen Umm said...

great inspiration! love the first pic!
thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!

The Soul Anchor said...

It looks beautiful! I love decoupage. I'd like to test out doing decoupage on an end table in the living room some time with old newspaper prints and antique looking photos.

Courtney said...

Gorgeous! I love how it turned out!

Magical Day Dream said...

Oh this makes me want to scrapbook again too!



Heather said...

super cute idea! ugh, i have a few scrapbooks that I need to work on!