Thursday, December 22, 2011


this picture was taken at LaGrolla Italian Restaurant on Monday evening. It was a little
holiday fun with my aunts, mom, sister, sister in law and cousin. it was a lovely evening of 
good food, 
pretty decor,
fun conversation,
and receiving a homemade gift.

my post today is going to be a bit random, a mixture of sorts from a few updates
to a few happenings,
to a few links.

i've had a pretty rough week health wise, and after treatment today it's 
hard to believe i am able to get a post out. 
i won't get into details b/c i don't like drawing attention.

i am also going through some tough times with my daughter too. she isn't in 
 any trouble or danger or anything like that and she's actually doing really well, it's just emotional stuff,
and relational stuff, and it can be overwhelming at times. i think
i am in the thick of "those teenage years" with her, that's all.

  . . . moving onto to something completely different. . . .
usually when i take the freeway exit for treatment, there is a homeless guy on the corner.

usually i stop and get a bagel before treatment, and i'll get a few extra ones for him.
but today, i wasn't thinking and i just got one for me, and i was almost done with it 
right as i was driving by, (i was stopped at the corner). i rolled my window down
and yelled, "I don't have a one today, and I don't have any cash on me."
(with a half smile on my face)

and then it hit me.
he had this mortified look on his face.
and i thought to myself as i drove away. . .
he probably thought i was yelling something else at him.
he probably thought i was yelling at him in a negative, or 
bad manner. 
he probably gets yelled at rudely continually,
so it would only be natural for him to think i was being cruel.
and here i was just explaining myself to him b/c
i felt bad i didn't provide something for him today.
i felt bad, i really wished i hadn't yelled anything out the window. 
i've let it go now, but as i think of the look on his face, i am filled with sadness.

and then in typical gina fashion, i started to think about living with intention. and how important
it is that i am living that way every single day. b/c regardless if it cramps my style or 
if i am "put out" or uncomfortable, or my social status or culture is different than someone else's,
i remember that we were all created equal by God, and it doesn't matter if i love them or like them, or if I feel like taking the time to be intentional with people that might irritate or bring me to an irritable place, b/c God loves them, and His love covers all my thoughts and feelings toward others. i can see them through the eyes of God.

and second to lastly, there is a really cool last minute christmas gift/craft that we
can all make if you are in need of an idea, and it's something simple and darling!
i found it through Hailey over at Coastal Heart, County Soul, and the craft can be found in detail, here.

i am hoping to do this fabric ornament that i talked about tonight with my daughter, along with
finally baking a few christmas cookies if i feel up to it! 

i have most of my wrapping done, but now i just have to do a little grocery shopping for the weekend.

i hope you are all having a good week, and preparing for your feast, family, friends and Jesus' birth.

and now, my last bit of random--my husband downloaded a new app on his iphone 4. it's a lego app where you can take a photo that you have an make it into a lego looking photo, and here is mine:

pretty cool, huh?!


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Erin said...

You are so sweet to bring that man bagels..your heart is so giving and full of love! Hope you start feeling better and that the stuff with your daughter starts getting better :)

Kylie @ {Everblossom} said...

You are the sweetest.

Magical Day Dream said...

I liked your part about the homeless man. There is this woman begging outside our supermarket. Her name is Sonja. She hasn't been there for months but since yesterday she is back again. I usually don't buy her stuff (I occaisionally do) but I do say hi and often make a little chat. It's not that much but I guess it is something.. :)

Susan said...

How sweet are you? Everyone should be so kind.
I will have to pop over to Ashley's and read your guest post!

Brandy Jane Mabel said...

Hello, fun lego app!
Praying healing for you and peace for you in all situations!
I sent you an email as well! Just wanted to make sure you got it ;)
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Ash Louise said...

Random indeed, but good thoughts nonetheless :)