Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vintage Books

One of the reasons I love thrift stores is
I collected books for a while; old dusty books that I'd never
but that I just fell in love with for some 
reason or another.
I still have most of them.
I found this book maybe 11 years ago
(it's dated 1970), 
and I still love it.
Jean Vanier worked with mentally and physically handicapped, 
which is interesting, because my favorite writer, Henri Nouwen did too.
This book is a collection of poetry, musings and thoughts of Jean.
I think this poem has spoken to the deepest parts
me like almost nothing else. 
I feel like this piece is me.

I need to talk
and walk
with another.

I need to express myself
say things. . . .

this is a movement of life
life that is in me
and needs to flow out. . . 

i must speak. . .and dance
sharing things I love and hate
my hopes, my joys, my fears, my griefs. . .
giving myself
giving my life
giving life

Can you relate?
Stay tuned for other goodies from time to time from this puppy.


Brandy Jane Mabel said...

So great!
Looking forward to hearing more!

Angel said...

That is really beautiful! Thank you for sharing such lovely words!

Erin said...


I am a total lover of real books! I am anti kindles! :)

hannah singer said...

i relate.
such stirring words, oh i love it!!
books are wonderful.
vintage books are glorious.


Sarah B. said...

Such a great poem. I can totally relate!

Ashley @ Luce said...

i LOVE older books too, i think they are beautiful. i would love to stumble across someones old journal or art sketchbook from another century...how cool would that be? beautiful poem.

amy o said...

the title alone is a dream come true.