Monday, December 19, 2011

On Pointe

this girl has grace.
she was so beautiful this weekend in The Nutcracker
that it was my proudest moment(performance wise)as a mother.
she blew us all away. my hands were over my mouth and salty tears filled my cheeks.

not only is she graceful, she's got class.
her movement on stage is so precise that i think she could quit all
of her other 9 other activities and study ballet.
but it's not her passion.
but she has a gift.

 i snuck behind stage to see her off and wish her well,
and to grab a picture together!

she has been dancing since she was 3, and ballet has secretly or not so secretly (haha) been my fave.
i don't know what it is about ballet, do you?
 i adore it so much. at first i thought it was just the costumes, but it's so much more than that; their technique, their movement, the music, the romance, the gracefulness.
 i am captivated by it.
and then when my daughter started to study on Pointe, i about lost it in happiness and excitement!

but it's not her passion as i said before. so she won't be taking it beyond after she graduates next year. and i'm ok with that.
it's what she wants, not what i dream of. i support her choices, and commend her for taking it this far.

i know i know, i didn't get the tip of the pointe (wow)

this girl's got a lot more than grace on stage.

she's got grace off the stage too, and compassion, and a loving heart, and a zest and zeal for life like no other. 
this girl can not only dance her butt off, but she's involved in a handful of other things. she's a leader at church, a class officer, an actress, singer, and mentor.
she's got all the activities on a resume and experience and grades that any one college could dream of, but
she's got something more than any of that. 
she knows she's a Kings kid. she loves God.
she loves others. she cares deeply.
she's pure and good. 
and she's got a heart of gold.
not to mention she's fun.

{here are some not so great pictures i took during the performance and on top of the fact that i'm an awful photographer, i also didn't take that many b/c i didn't want to miss out on her!} i think you'll still enjoy these
 my girl (madelynn, is the one with the older girl with the crown)
 on the right with the olive skin

it was one of the greatest moments as a mother to date. i honestly wish i could find the words to express what it was like.

grandparents are always so supportive!

i think maybe lovely, yes, it's life made lovely.


Rainbow Bekah said...

What a lovely post!! I LOVE the picture with the grandparents because your face shows such adoration, just...well..lovely. ;0)

The Arizona Russums said...

i love the nutcracker. ballet really is just magical. proud of her for sticking with dance for this long!

Mary said...

I always wanted to be in the ballet, Is it too lat for a 23 year old to join? I think not! but any who, she looks amazing and I hope she pursues this a bit long, for your sake. Well, not for your sake, but because this art is just so beautiful and so is your daughter. Congratulations on a beautiful post about a beautiful girl, in a beautiful event.

Mary from ♥ ♥

Sophia said...

Ballet was my life's passion... i've been doing it for so many years.
Yesterday was my 3 year-old daughter's first "show"... so emotional, I couldn't help my tears, a little happy xmas star jumping around in enthousiasm... she was so happy... my tears were all over... my cheeks, my eyes (how embarassing), my throat (ouch). My dream is to see her just like you saw your beautiful ballerina and be so so so proud!
Congrats, you've done a wonderful job :)

Betsi* said...

I grew up with ballet as well. It was not my passion either but I love it still. Last January, 15 years after hanging up my toe shoes, I finally fulfilled a life-long dream and got a pair of red pointe shoes. I had a blast dancing around in them while I cleaned house until I found out I was pregnant (again!) and thought it best to keep my feet firmly on the ground for a while. Now that my little one is nearly three months I'm looking at testing my ankle strength again and possibly even taking a class to get back in shape.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

WOW! Your daughter is beautiful and I refuse to believe that you have a daughter this age! No joke, you guys look EXACTLY the same age! GO YOU! I bet it was awesome to see her dance! Your button is FINALLY up on my blog! Sorry it took so long! :)

memory said...

i used to take ballet when i was really little. i remember being in a recital and i was a bumblebee. still have the little costume i wore! what great memories you're making with her. she's a beautiful young lady.(:

p.s. i LOVED your comment on my accent vlog post! thank you for saying you loved my southern accent.(:

SymbioticLife said...

Congratulations to your daughter for her lovely performance. So wonderful when we get to see these amazing milestones in our children's lives. Thank you for sharing your with us!

jozen said...

she is GORGEOUS! my zoe has been in ballet since she was 3 too, and i am secretly hoping she sticks with it.

ps. you look more like sisters than mother and daughter!

pps. LOVE your headband!

Vivian said...

She does look graceful and her technique as well looks great from pictures. Proud moment for sure. I dance in my dreams now, but I am a proud dance mom of an 8 year old who has been dancing since she was 2 and like yours has a GIFT and I hope she never lets go of it.

Vivian said...

And because I don't know how I managed to not "know" you for so long..I am your newest follower :)

Darby said...

Motherhood is one of the greatest gifts that God has given to us. What a beautiful post Gina! I love the fact that I can look at my little girl and know what wonderful things she is going to do with her life. Daughters help mold us into the women that we want to become. You ladies are just beautiful inside and out!

shelley said...

i love ballet ! i wish i would have never stopped taking classes. You are right there is just something about soothes the soul a bit. your daughter and whole family are just gorgeous!