Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gotta Do It

Nells turns 6 today. I gotta dedicate a blog post to him!
If you don't know who Nells is,
well, that won't last for long,
if you read my blog long enough.

This is my guy in 2009, he's a 75% Bichon and 25% Poodle, and Apricot color.

You might not know it, which you probably don't, but Nells
was an "I'm sorry" gift from my Husband LOL.

We named him Nells after Nels Olsen from Little House On The Prairie

When I first saw him I thought he looked like a little drowned rat. 
I was so shocked (I had never had a dog in my entire life!), and 
my response was: "What is that? Who is that? What is he doing in here?
Why is Madelynn holding him? Did you find him on the street?"

You can find Nells on top of laundry, on top of recycled bags, and 
in this case, 
inside of a bag.

He loves to Sunbathe. He also loves dairy (cream and butter to be exact), beef jerky, and sweets.

This is one of his favorite spots in the house. He can typically be found with a stuffed animal near by. He usually has them in his mouth to calm him down or for soothing purposes.

 He looks really pretty in the Fall leaves.

 He gets upset when I leave.
 This is when we were first moving into our house 5 years ago, and he was on top of the mess!

We like to adorn him in scarves and hats too.

 Last year at Christmas, with one of his best friends, MoJo!

Nells is peculiar, stubborn and grouchy.
But he is sweet, funny and smart.
He is also loving. And likes affection.

He was purchased at a strip mall, can you believe that?!
It's so trendy now to by them from a breeder.

He fills the void of my maternal clock ending so soon, 
and I can love on him all I want b/c your
kids stop wanting that affection at a certain age.

Honestly, my days would be so much longer and harder 
without Nells. He is the best gift my Husband has ever given me.
I would say I am borderline obsessed with Nells
I thank God for him everyday.

This is typically where you will find Nells though,
right next to me while I'm writing and resting.


Autumn said...

He is so cute! What kind of dog is he? Poodle mix?

Paula said...

cute, fluffy.. adorable! love this doggy face ♥

Lisa said...

SUCHHH a cute pup! Just found your blog & am LOVIN it!

Tamera Beardsley said...

Happy Birthday Nells !

Erin said...

Awww he is too darling! He looks like a smaller version of my parents dog...they have a soft coated wheaten terrier!

Sarah B. said...

Aww! Nells is so cute! What a great gift from your hubby! (I'm sure adorable little Nells had him back in your good graces in no time. Hehe.) I can't get over that flower hat you have on him. So much fun! He looks like a great pup.

amy o said...

This post made me cry because I really DO know how much Nells means to you and how he makes all of your days better and sweeter and more lovely. I feel the same way about Mojo as you know. What will we ever do without them? Well, luckily, we don't have to think about that now... Love you, Amy