Thursday, December 1, 2011


This title could suggest many topics this post might be about, like for instance, 
my husband works for google.
Or the top things everyday I google on my laptop.
Well, stick with me and you'll see why I titled this google.
I'm doing a few link ups today and it's basically to blog about what we are thankful for
and what's on our hearts.
My head has been a little down the last day or two because of my daughter. She is almost 17 and in the thick of "those teenage years". And I don't mean thick by saying she is acting out or into trouble, because thankfully, she is not. 
I mean more in the thick of the emotional turmoil. 
She has been having relationship issues with friends and her boyfriend,
and has come home crying two days in a row, 
and has been feeling very heavy.
I then am very heavy.
I carry her pain.
I feel her pain.
It's because I enter into it with her.
She comes to me,
I am so thankful for. 
She opens up and shares what is going on in her heart and mind.
I think that is a rarity. And I don't take it for granted.
I let her know that I've been there, I remember those feelings.
I listen, validate, and then help her move through those emotions
so she can get to a safer place.
Us at a David Crowder concert last month.

So the other thing I am thankful for is this. Here's the other "fun" part of parenting a teenager.
This girl asked me these three questions in one night:
"Mom, how much do prostitute's make?"
"Mom, what is beastiality?"
"Mom, how do birth control pills work?"

Ah, ya. Deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out. 
See, now you know why I titled this google, or don't you?
She didn't google these questions you guys, she asked me!
She could have easily googled it to get her info,
but the fact that she asked me tells me
she trusts me, and I've given her a reason to trust me!
I am so so so relieved she didn't google these things, and that
she did come to me, because I was straight up with her
she didn't have to see any freaky pictures online.
So google, you aren't used for everything all the time, 


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Kylie @ {Everblossom} said...

First of all, I can't even believe that you have a teenage daughter. You look like sisters! I seriously thought you were around my age. (I'm 21.) What's your secret? :)

I was where she is not long ago. It's such a stormy time. Everything seems so significant and then when you look back you can hardly remember the names. That's wonderful that she looks to her mom for advice and wisdom. I can't say I did the same.

Jennifer said...

I'm a new follower to this blog and I love this post. I wish my mom was more like this and I hope my daughter and I have such a great relationship when she is a teenager.

Autumn said...

I don't look old enough to have a daughter.

You are lucky your daughter asked you...and even better that means she isn't doing it! That sounds horrible, but it's true.

Jessi said...

It's so good to see moms with good relationships with their daughters! I wish I would have been able to go to my mom as a teen with those questions and concerns. But we didn't have a very good relationship. I am thankful, however, that now we are best friends.

ps- You do not look like you could have a 17 year old! You are beautiful. And I adore your necklace(s?) :)

stephanie said...

YOU DO NOT HAVE A 17 YEAR OLD!!! you are way to young! what were you like 5 when you had her? ; ) hehe but seriously you look amazing! and i love the relationship you have with her. i pray my daughter and i are that way when she's a teen!

Heather said...

You gals do look like sisters <3

I love seeing healthy mother/daughter relationships! such a blessing. My mom actually passed when I was 17, so this really hit me. I am so thankful she has you to talk to, and not google!!

PS - YAY for seeing the Crowder Band on their last tour. How awesome is that!!

Oh, and THANK YOU for linking up this week! Enjoyed reading, as usual.

Sarah B. said...

What doozies of questions! That's so great that your daughter came to you rather than turning to Google. I was the same way with my mom when I was a teenager. I'll be praying that your daughter's emotional turmoils improve and hopefully disappear. Being a teenager is rough, but with a great mom it's a definitely a lot easier. Keep up the great work!

lowercase letters said...

wow. if i was a mom and had a daughter i would have to go to google to find the answers to those questions! :) i'm so glad she's going to you and not friends. she's very wise in doing that.
you both are so pretty! i love the pic of y'all at the david crowder concert.

Stephanie said...

I've been there taking deep breaths trying to look calm while inside I'm begging to God to give me wisdom to answer with...ASAP! So blessed our daughters ask US those questions though! Loved this post :)

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