Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Dash Of Christmas Cheer

such a huge part of the season for me. 
to hear the traditional christmas songs
fills me with so much peace, joy and hope.
these are not just songs for the season,
these are songs for everyday.
we were at the concert for our Step-mom who was singing in the city choir//this is all of us kids with her.
my brother is in the blue, my husband is behind me,
my sister is to the right of my brother in black,
and my sister-in-law is in beige on the left.

you can see the glitter if you look closely!

we have also gotten some snow here in Minneapolis
i love the kind that glitters

there has also been some extra lounging too(i love to see these two relax)

 I did some shopping with a friend, and we hit Sephora and had dinner
 she took this shot of me, she loves my smile!
this is the Mall Of America guys!
 these were Nordstrom's trees, she bore with me while I freaked out at the bird ornaments.

and for the best part of the evening?!
seeing this display at Sephora! If you have never tried sugar by fresh lip
treatments, you are truly missing out. this stuff is the bomb. and i am a product snob.
i've gone through maybe 4 tubes in about 2 years. rose is our favorite.
we were like kids in a candy store! there is nothing, nothing like it for your lips.

coffee dates with neighbors.
I had a christmas coffee date with my neighbor Mary. this woman has brought me countless soups, treats and cheers while I've been sick through the years. she's visited, and supported and has always has been good at conversation. i hope i have blessed her life too.

trimming the tree.
the Sunriver Resort ornament represents the year I went out to 
Bend, Oregon to have medical treatment. I was there for 4 weeks.
the green ornament is from my best friend Amy

 I found the Cardinal lights at the Goodwill for 2.99 for two boxes.

 I have an obsession with bird ornaments. someone help me.
 the ballet slippers are my daughters, she's a dancer (ballet, lyrical and Pointe)

 the little drummer is my husbands, from when he was a kid.

 my cute tree-topper girl

 my super amazing vintage tree topper!

there is a lot to be happy and excited about this time of year. but it's
also a time of year to be careful not to let the consumerism warp our minds and hearts.
to not become so wrapped up in how good our decor looks or how
well our cookies turn out (I am seriously christmas cookie challenged).
consumerism is a slippery slope, so is materialism.
and when people say it's "better to give than receive"
i would like to say that I think it's important to receive too,
because the person giving, wants you to receive,
they want to share and give to you. 
so let yourself be ok with receiving. 
giving is the easy part, receiving can be a challenge. 
allow yourself that this season, that is what i'm gonna try and do.
it's humble to give and it's equally humble to receive.
hopefully I will blog soon about some homemade gifts we are making for people.
i also hope to do some baking, get to more Happy Hours at the nursing home(yep you did not hear me wrong, Happy Hour as in Happy Hour),
deliver goods to my neighbors,
fill a shoebox or two, (Operation Chrsitmas Child),
relax with friends and family,
and attend my daughter's performance 
The Nutcracker. 
I could never forget the reason for the season, because
i celebrate that, everyday.

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Brandy Jane Mabel said...

LOVE the tree topper, and look at you rock those plaid pants! That is an art ;)

Rolled Up Pretty said...

You look like you have been having so much fun this Christmas season! FUN! You're so gorgeous too!

Magical Day Dream said...

Sounds like you had a great time and some pretty precious plans aheas. Have fun in doing so! :)

fiddlehead said...

I love the vintage touches....feels so very warm and loving to me. I am also obsessed with birds. Don't they just symbolize so much of what is beautiful in the world?
Merry Christmas!

Kyle said...

ok, how much fun are you? i feel so cultured having read all this because we don't have any of those stores here in kansas. i need to move. now.

LeeLee said...

Aw, beautiful photos and sweet dog.

Jamie said...

oh my gosh, they light up! love it :)

Antee Gurung said...

I love ur header pic n Omg ur dog is super cute....M a dog lover myself n i have three saint bernards!!!anywaz i wish it would snow in my city because i love snow!!! U r one lucky gal!!!
not to mention U have a really cutest blog here!! I would definitely love to come back!!!So how abt we follow each other? XOXO

Paislea Elyse said...

your puppy is adorable in the snow!! i went to the pet shop last night (as i do frequently - cause i LOVE animals) and i saw THE cutest little white puffy puppy and i wanted him so much!!!! he's just adorable!

allister bee blog

Antee Gurung said...

hey dear thanx for following me!! i wanted to follow u too!1 but i could find the follow box!! anyways no worries!! i'm following u through face book now!!

Jennifer said...

This post is so full of Christmas cheer! I love those plaid pants and the little cute doggie looks like a little cotton ball out in the snow! Cute!

Hailey Marie said...

I'm so in love with those cardinal lights! Looks like your cute pup was enjoying the snow! I love it when it glitters too, makes the city feel clean and bright :)

just tututiny said...

Lovely blog.

Visit mines when you get a chance ;)

Tamera Beardsley said...

such a wonderful post,,,as always... my dear... I so appreciate all the time and thought you so lovingly put into each .....

thank you so much for the kind comments on my post...your understanding and insight...meant more than you could know!!...sending you much love!

Anonymous said...

fabulous share :)


Sarah B. said...

What a darling tree you have! My favorite part of the holiday season (aside from the people I spend it with) are the decorations, lights and the Christmas music. So pretty and lovely! Now if only we'd have snow, or rain, or something... It's been 80 degrees on Christmas in the past, but I'm hoping this year will be nice and cool. :)