Friday, November 18, 2011

Embrace Your Face Friday

Friday already, how did that happen?! There is much to embrace, especially for me this week--I've had a rough one.

Thank you all for your support and love this week, it was felt and received. I'm convinced it was an extra long glitch in my soul, and should be working its way out soon. But probably just in time for another one--but that's ok, glitches in the soul give us good reason to seek, reflect, and find renewal.

This week for Embrace Your Face, I want to talk a little bit--just a little, about moles. Believe it or not, I did say moles. We've all got em, why not? And there are a lot of reasons to embrace em.
When I was in High School, this mole I have on my forehead, on the right side of my head, use to get noticed all the time. And in a positive way. People tended to comment on it and say that they liked it or found it attractive. 
Well, then the mole was flat.
It's not.
For some reason after I had the girl, it seemed to grow.  I have no idea why. Maybe if I googled it, I'd find there is some physiological explanation. 
I've grown very self conscience from this mole now because people still notice it, but ah, ya 
not in the same positive way, and they have the nerve to actually say something. 
I am sure I am not the only one out there that is self conscience of their moles--the reason why, however, might be different.
My mole bothers me, it's not huge, no, but it's a bump that gets noticed weekly. 

Headband? by Luce, you can check her pretty work out here.
Mole? Author and Creator-God

I vow, if you do, to embrace your moles. I know some have moles that could be cancerous, and I've had friends who've had their moles removed because of this possibility. But if you have a mole/s that aren't potentially harmful, and don't need to have them removed, maybe, just maybe embrace them. Regardless of how you feel about them, or what others might say.
I don't have to believe that my mole is ugly. I am not convinced that it is. 
With a little help from my Helper and Healer, I am going to embrace my face today, mole and all.

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you. 
Song of Solomon 4:7


Ferial said...

You are such a beautiful and WITTY lady! ^^

I used to have this great "Cindy Crawford" mole on my upper lip. It's still there but very faint nowadays. Something happened 2 years ago where I got an allergic reaction to the menthol in my chapstick and my lips puffed up grossly and then molted off! So weird. But I lost some of the fullness of my lips and the cute mole! Bah!

Erin said...

I have always hated the one on my neck...but I am learning to embrace it and love it anyways! After all...God made me that way!

lowercase letters said...

i'm diggging that coffee in your hands... i need some! ;p

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I am embracing ME today, even though I'm butt tired :) LOVE that headband too and adorable blog cute girl! :)

Caitlin C. said...

This is inspiring! We all have things we don't like about ourselves but God loves ALL of us, even our imperfections. You are beautiful, btw! (This is my first time to your blog!)

Anonymous said...

I loved what you wrote:

"Mole? Author and Creator-God"

Beauty Mark!!


P.S. I think we all need help embracing our scars, too. Especially on our faces :)

Day-Dreamin' Optimist said...

Indeed, that mole is a beauty mark :) Once again, you have inspired me to think happier thoughts about my own quirks that I think less of. I absolutely adore the embrace your face sessions, such a feel-good dose of the day!

Makay said...

Thanks for the email! :) It made me smile... I have been feeling down this week as well... and you are so right Satan is attacking our weak points! He has no power though! Amen.

Oh, and your mole? It is beautiful. God put it there- I have a bajillion moles or marks on my face- and used to hate them, but I call them "beauty marks" now, because they are like little stickers God put on me to make me stand out. :)

I love this blog. Such a wonderful Idea. I am following. Now.

Self-esteem isn't my strong point.



I just discovered your blog and am so glad I did! This is a wonderful post. Yes, with a little help from my Helper and Healer, I am going to embrace all of me. Following you now :)


I actually wrote a somewhat related post awhile back:
and I wanted to add -- you are absolutely gorgeous!