Friday, November 4, 2011

Embrace Your Face Friday

Since I've been blogging, I've noticed that I've been more focused on what I can't do,
rather than what I can do.

I know it's because I haven't been out in the "real" world for over four years now. When I say that I mean
I haven't had a job outside the home. But since I've started blogging, I've sort of re-entered the "real" world,
although it's the world wide web, so it's even still different than the "real" world. BLAH BLAH, you
get my point.
Since I started blogging I've discovered so many beautiful, creative, fun blogs. I have been very intimidated by these blogs because they are amazing. It's been so interesting and inspiring to meet new women, read about their stories, see their faith, and explore what they are up to. But it's also made me feel bad.
I have always had insecurities when it comes to thinking I'm not good enough at certain things, or 
I've had low self esteem, and have felt like I don't have much to offer. And have even felt like I don't measure up.I have been feeling like I've got nothing to offer compared to all the other bloggers. Let's face it, we all feel this way about something/s.
So for today's EMBRACE YOUR FACE, I'm embracing and I hope you will too--
all I CAN DO.

Me looking up at an Eagle-I am good at appreciating nature and animals.

I can listen well to others and enter into their sufferings with them (compassion)
I can take time to talk things through with my teenager, and uplift and guide her.I am a good attentive mother.
I am a good cook.
I can bake.
I can Decoupage.
I can name quite a few artists by their work.
I can find amazing things at thrift stores for friends and myself.(you know who you are)
I have a good sense of style, that is only mine. (wow, I said it outloud)
I am good at decorating rooms.
If I was able, I am good at Volleyball and Softball.
I am good at Boggle.
I am good at doing make-up.
I am good at encouraging others.
I am good at sharing.
I am good at saying hi and visiting strangers and people with disabilities.
I love the elderly, and I am good with them.
I  have a good sense of direction.
I write some good poetry.
I am good at memorizing and knowing Scripture.
I am good at mentoring teen girls.
I am a good friend.
I am a good sister.
I am kind to animals.
I know a lot about natural and organic foods, and products.
I am a good wife, and very intentional about it.
I am good at compromise
I am a good teacher..
I am a good organizer.
I am good at conflict management.
I am friendly.
I am an outstanding barista.

What can you embrace today that you CAN do? I think my list of cant's would be pages long, but today, embrace your face by recognizing what you can do.


The Soul Anchor said...

I think this is a GREAT post and something important to keep in mind and reflect on. Honestly, I've felt the same way when it comes to reading blogs! What's interesting is in most blogs, people put their best (or even fake) foot forward. And that can lead to discontentment for a lot of people. They don't have as cute of a house, they can't always dress in awesome outfits, they don't go to as interesting places, they don't have as many followers, etc etc. We all feel like that and that's the negative side of blogging.

But you are beautiful and you are valuable and you are accomplished! That's what's important to remember.

Natalie said...

Love this! I too sometimes feel like I don't share enough about what I'm good at... at least not recently, so your words were encouraging, and a great reminder. =)

Justina F. Lee said...

This is great! We need to focus on our positives and work on changing ourselves for the better. Definitely no use in sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves. We've all been there!

You're an awesome person!

Halina said...

Oh, I really know this feeling, darling! Don't give up on dreaming about the things you'd like to do. You know, after I've started blogging I've first gone through the same obstacle as you are know, but then, after a while I started believing in myself. And then I really pulled my sleeves up and tried to do the things I'd dreamed of! And it has been an amazing journey ever since!!

Hope you'll feel that way too!

Ferial said...

I love this post! I'm going to brainstorm my "I Can's" today on my train ride. =)

Ashley said...

What a great post. I know that one of my downfalls is that I dwell too much on what I can't do or what I don't have. It is important to remind ourselves how fantastic we are and all the things that we can do. :)

chambanachik said...

What a beautiful post. Love it.

Erin said...

Such a sweet post! :) You are amazing girl...don't forget it! :) I think we can all relate to this. I know I can

Ashley Slater said...

this is great. I think that you are so right about focusing on what we can't do. The blog world is so big and filled with creative, beautiful and fun ladies and its hard not to compare ourselves-- subconsciously or not. I love that you wrote out everything that you are gifted in. WAY to be positive! love your blog!

Adventures of Newlyweds

Day-Dreamin' Optimist said...

Gina, your blog is the only one I have ever seen to post this Embrace Your Face Friday gig. I gotta say, it is ubberly encouraging and inspiring! I love your twist on posts, making them positive, your blog has always been (as you know) a great source for the positive vibe. Love it :) Great list!

jozen said...

i LOVE your blog! and you are a beautiful person, inside AND out!

Janae said...

This is great, Gina!