Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Share Two Things

Sometimes there can be awkward silences or even a lull in conversation when it comes to us and our teenagers/kids.

I know I'm the odd man out when it comes to having only one child in the blogosphere from what I've gathered, and even more
so because I am a young Mom with an almost 17 year old. 
And that's OK, I've learned to be at peace with not being able to have more children,
and I've learned to be content and not get wrapped up in feeling like I don't fit in with other Moms my age who mostly have young kids. 

That said--When there are moments of quietness, and you want to talk to your child, no matter how old they are, I have been using this little "trick" for years, it's called: "share 2 things". Give it a try.

I'll ask my daughter these two questions when there doesn't seem to be much to talk about at the time, (which isn't too often)
or if she's being quiet for longer periods of time than normal: 

Share 1 thing with me in your mind 

and share 1 thing with me in your heart.

She seems to dig the idea, and it is an easy way for her to open up, which leads to conversation and relationship building. 
It gives me more insight, and it shows her that I am continually interested and open to chatting, and that I care about what's going on in that mind and heart of hers. (I plan on blogging about parenting styles someday soon).
She is more than willing to share, and it is entertaining for me to see her have to think about what she is going to share! 

This is something that could even be done daily and even with younger kids--try it and comment to let me know how it goes. And it doesn't have to be done in awkward silences, it can help facilitate your conversations, like when they get home from school.

Keep the conversation going.

I guess we could even do this with our spouses.

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Amie said...

This is awesome, Gina. What a great way to keep conversation going AND get your teen to feel loved in the same moment, that's a blessing! I will hope to remember this when we start having kids. Also, I am very much hoping that you do start posting on parenting stuff! I would love to read whatever you write :)

Kevin said...

Share 2 Things - this would be a great PSA campaign for TV! It would help to keep kids off of drugs, driving drunk, the list goes on...