Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Check out this CUTE girl! Yep, that's my daughter--she's super photogenic and
I think she's a better subject behind the camera than me.

So you all remember HOMECOMING, right? During the week of Homecoming when we all got to dress up for "nerd day" or "pajama day", well today was PINK day in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
And let me tell ya, my girl wore PINK, and she wore it well.

 She's sitting on our new chair I got for $3.99

Her laughter and smile light up a whole room.

Toldja, pretty in pink!


Natalie said...

OMGOSH! Love that sparkly dress! =D

Gina said...

Haha I know, too cute eh?! She's SO adorable. Thank u!

The Arizona Russums said...

i just noticed you love the musee d'orsey! it's my fave!

Halina said...

She is lovely, like her mama :D Thank you so much for the follow!