Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes, Wear The Dress

This is me, you might think I don't match, but I think I do.

For EMBRACE YOUR FACE FRIDAY I am choosing to talk about being teased for the way I dress/ed. 
Growing up I never liked what a lot of other girls seemed to like. My sister was always the one "on trend" and I seemed to be pulled to wear different stuff. 
I loved different era's, and I couldn't figure out why and it was actually confusing, because I started to get teased for it.
I liked "used" clothes, furniture, jewelry, shoes, tablecloths, and purses ever since I can remember. My favorite places were antique stores and thrift stores (when they weren't cool).
One of the things I was teased a lot about was that my clothes stunk. I know it was because I was always buying used-- the armpits were less than desirable. LOL. 
I had difficulty getting the smell out. I'm sure the teasing was meant to be light heart-ed, but we all know what light heart-ed teasing can do. But I just never wanted to wear new clothes. I ended up getting in the trap of caring what people thought, and about 6 years ago started buying new clothes. Now I'm sick of them!

Along with wearing used clothing I wore/wear a lot of skirts and dresses. This too caused attention. And it's interesting, because a few of my daughter's friends (they are 17) wear dresses and skirts ALL THE TIME, and now THEY are being teased! 

I think the world still just isn't use to something that isn't status quo. I think people get intimidated by something different, or something they don't understand, and their first response is to tease, or comment negatively. Like wearing a dress or skirt could have ANY negative aspects.

I encourage those girls at my daughter's school to keep wearin what you're wearin no matter what. And I promise that I too will EMBRACE what I FEEL GOOD WEARING, even if I get looked at oddly or made fun of. I know I'm being true to myself, and doing what I feel comfortable and confident wearing.

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Ashley @ LaLuce said...

the times just had to catch up with you :) everyone is a little more free in fashion now, you were just ahead of the game! i think it looks beautiful!! i love the art of style.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy mismatching clothes :)


amy o said...

are you a kate spade model? seriously. you should be. that picture is the bomb bomb diggity!

Gina said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate it, and amy your comment, what a HOOT, made me laugh! said...

I totally think you match! Love the stripes and plaid combo. I've been a thrift store junkie for as long as I can remember, and my sister alway though I was totally INSANE! Whatever, I've got way more creative style and it looks like you do too!


I'm hosting a vintage dress giveaway on my blog, hope you will stop by!

Courtney said...

I actually really love your outfit in that picture. It's lovely on you! And completely original!

Chandra said...

Love this! Adorable!

My son is actually still at home this year because he graduated a year early, which is good because right now I need an extra hand since I broke my left wrist a few weeks ago.

Thanks for stopping by my little blog! I love making new friends!