Thursday, September 29, 2011

Visiting Chicago Never Gets Old!

 There I was with my cup of coffee, 24 hours after my post last Thursday. 

 Here I am with my Best friend and sister, Lisa; she's the Chai girl.

 If you ever get to Chicago, this place was great--they had delicious red velvet cake french toast. You heard me.

 At Navy Pier, taking a break in front of this stained glass, it was beautiful, so were the flowers.

I use to be a Marilyn junkie growing up, so I had to give in and get this shot :0

 I took the pictures of these buildings on our Architectural boat tour. Classic tourists, I know.

 Gotta love THE BEAN in Millennium Park! That's me IN the bean! Toldja, classic tourist.

 I like how this one of the Sears Tower turned out.

My sister and I on our way to THE SECOND CITY 

 Mom and Sis getting ready for a ton of laughs (and there were)!

 I found a few things I liked on the train on our way to Bucktown....

 This sweet guy was one of them....His hat said "Easiness" LOVE THAT

 My sister!

 This amazing Retro/Vintage Shop! I found an adorable apron.

 And this CUPCAKE Van! Oooh ya! One Red Velvet and one classic Vanilla with buttercream please!


And don't be fooled, even though I don't have any pictures, WE experienced two amazing Pizza places while there. We did Lou Malnati's one day and Gino's East another. For now I am sticking with liking Malnati's better, but when I was in Chicago last time, you couldn't have swayed me away from Gino's East. But this time I found Gino's crust completely unappealing and very dry. 
Malnati's was TERRIFIC. The crust was out of this world, nothing like it have I had so far.

Till next time Chicago, you were good to us!


Ashley @ LaLuce said...

chicago is definitely on my list of places to visit. my husband loves it there. but i havent been yet.

beka said...

that vintage place where you found an apron sounds splendid!
and mmmm, cupcakes.
i'm hungry :)

ashley said...

great pictures :) found you through casey's blog and i'm following along now! have a great weekend!

amy o said...

easiness? red velvet french toast? total awesomeness! loved the photos, gene! glad you enjoyed the trip...

The Arizona Russums said...

i've never been to chicago, but i want to go sooo badly! i just watched an HGTV episode on chicago this morning while i was working out and now i am reading your blog all about. maybe God wants me to go soon!? :)

House of Tong said...

I love visiting Chicago too!!! Girl and the Goat, XOCO, Million Dollar Quartet, the architecture.. Love it all!! Glad to see you love it Chi-town too! :))