Saturday, September 3, 2011

Product Junkie Approved!

Let's face it, natural deodorants usually don't measure up. I mean
I usually have B.O within 6 hours of putting on ANY natural deodorant on. UNTIL---
ALOE & ALMONDS (there is also Herbal and Unscented) by Alvera! This stuff REALLY WORKS! I've tried a ton of natural
and organic deodorants: Tom's, Aubrey Organics, Jason and a handful more.
And it never fails, I will reek within hours.

I love the way it smells too--and even though it goes on wet, it dries super fast.
And the beat part about it? IT'S DIRT CHEAP, so stock up!

I purchase it

I hope you all dig it like I do, and may you lift your arms in full confidence, feeling
good about what you are putting on your body, and in assurance that your pits
will be stink free....naturally!

How beautiful is that?!

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