Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm No Photographer

I'll be the first to admit that my strongest gift, ok, I have no gift really of it at all--I am awful at taking pictures. I'm so not good that I'm not even cool enough to call them PHOTOS. I still call them pictures! BUT for the last year I really have been trying; it's OK I've accepted it's not one of my stronger suits. 

My husband gave me his old iphone 3 and I am using it for the CAMERA, and INSTAGRAM. Instagram and I have a love affair I swear. It is a match made in HEAVEN. I LOVE it! It has been so good to me......turning my mediocre pictures into PHOTOS I actually WANT to share. Photos I can be proud of! I just adore Insta gram and what it can do for a picture. I'm in love with all things old--so the way Insta gram looks, agrees with me so well. SO does the way it WORKS! It's super easy.

Below are a slew of pictures, photos rather, LOL.......that I'm super proud of and wanted to share with you all. I hope you like them.

Algebra/My room after school

Nells/Chillin on Sofa-Winter 2011

Nells/AKA Raggamuffin in need of clippers (u have my heart nells)

Yellow & White/North Shore-Nature

Yellow Daisy/Hastings-Nature

Giant Sunflower/Stillwater-Nature

Loring Park/Minneapolis-Teenage girls (they also have my heart)

Daisy Bunch in Cute Tin/My Deck-treat to myself

My beautiful daughter/Milwaukee Summer 2011 (you have my heart)

Madelynn/Mahtowa MN-Jumping for Joy!

Wurst Bench/Mahtowa MN-TJ's Country Corner (I am vegetarian, but my Dad bought some and said it's close to the best)

North Shore/Two Harbors-after my devotional, God owns my heart

Sonju Trail/Two Harbors MN-dead tree, yet so alive!

Bee on Thistle/Sonju Trail-2 forms of nature=BEAUTY

Madelynn/Laughter on the rocks of Lake Superior-BEAUTY DEFINED

Everyone woman (Madelynn) looks beautiful putting on her eyeliner/Kitsch Motel-Milwaukee

Molly & Madelynn/Festa Italia-Milwaukee Summer of 2011 (they made the masks)

Thanks for reading/looking/contemplating!


Ashley @ LaLuce said...

look like you have photography talent to me!!! love them. i still call them pictures too... and i am a photographer LOL ;) love you.

JeNeal said...

Hey Love your photos as well!! Thank you for your sweet comments.. your so silly.. Purchasing one of mine? LOL I always have so much fun taking pictures!!! I'm a new follower excited for more to come!!!

xoxox ♥ Pieces of Luv

Gina said...

Yes JeNeal, I would buy one to frame and hang up in my home!!! New biz idea for ya ;) Thank you for following along--I cant' express how much I appreciate readers, and comments, they mean so much. And Ashley girl, love right back at ya, I will always always remember you in my heart and how special you've been.

a girl with a smile said...

Those are really pretty! I'd say you're a really good PhotoGRAMpher! haha
Keep sharing :)
I've been swayed into romance with Instagram as well.

Jean said...

thank you gina! i have yet to meet another mn blogger besides friends.

thanks for you sweet comments. i could tell how excited you were :)

isn't it crazy that it feels like april?