Sunday, September 11, 2011

Don't Hate The Ones Who Hate

I think most of us spent the day, or part of the day reflecting, remembering and/or mourning that very morning-Sept 11, 2001. I remember it very clearly; I was on the Bus on my way into downtown
Mpls from St.Paul with my soon to be husband (our wedding was two months away) when we heard about the first plane.

That ended up being a 13 hour day at work for me. I worked at an Ad Agency and we had an NYC office, and it was my job as head receptionist to make sure all of our employee's were accounted for. By 9:17pm, about 12 hours after that first plane, they all were.

It was one of the hardest, saddest, most humbling days of my LIFE. It was a moment in history, and I felt a part of it. But it was FAR from being about me.

My goal in this post is to talk a little about hate. When I think about 9/11, I don't think about the awful, evil people that accomplished these events. I don't think of them with hate, and I actually don't think of them much at all. I think of the ones that were affected, the fallen, and the devastated, and the torn. The sick, the mourning, the sorrow, the pain, the anger, the relief, the fire fighters, the county, and city. I think of the families, the friends, the co-workers, and animals.

If we think of the ones who committed these ungodly acts, we give them more power. If we think of them with hate, we are getting away from love and forgiveness. We have to remember as barbaric as these acts were, these were humans that committed these crimes, not wild animals. Something happened with these individuals so long ago, so deep, so imbedded, that we can't even begin to comprehend it. And instead of hating on them, no matter what our loss, we have to find room in our hearts to breed more love and peace.
We owe it to the lives that were lost. We owe it to their family and friends. We owe it to our Country to stand for PEACE.

When hate brews in our hearts something isn't quite right, and it's because we weren't made for hate, we were made for love.

I've had a certain sign in my yard for 4 years now, I ordered it from a Mennonite group---it's not a political statement, it's just a statement, an anthem, a cry:

psalm 34 "Seek peace and pursue it."

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Christina Broll-Smith said...

I absolutely love this.
Everything about it.