Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coffee In The Windy City!

Good morning! Me, around 10am--second cup.yup.

Tomorrow at this time, 
I will be enjoying a nice cup of
Joe with my Sister, well she drinks Chai,
my Aunts and my Mom!

Have a good weekend everyone! 
Here's to some awesome pizza, shopping,
and typical Gina style, RESTING! (My Mom
already agreed to be my resting buddy)!


chestnutmocha said...

have a great weekend Gina!!!

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

beautiful. :)

JeNeal said...

looks so cozy.. love your beanie... wishing for fall ;)!!
have fun resting with fam!!!

Pieces of Luv

Heather said...

Sounds lovely!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!!