Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm Not Better

I'm not better if I'm famous for my skills
or if I'm known by name in this world.
I'm not better if I have a college degree or
if my schooling was from single-motherhood

I'm not better if I live in the Suburbs, or the City

I'm not better if my job pays well, or if I am making minimum wage
I'm not better if my daughter gets into an Ivy League college or
if she goes to a community college

I'm not better if I'm fashionable or eat at trendy restaurants

I'm not better if my book gets published
I'm not better if I'm skinnier, or prettier

I'm not better if my house is clean or if I have
piles of laundry

I'm not better if I have a shiny big car or if I have
a junker

I'm not better if I've traveled the world,
or have never left my backyard

But I am better by adding to the beauty all around me,
and by giving to others and receiving others.

I'm better if I've loved well, and laughed much, and better if I've shared my life,
and stood up for the orphan, and the oppressed. I'm better for taking chances, and for letting love conquer my fears. I'm better if I watch my tone when speaking, and I'm better for not losing my temper, but OK if I do. I'm better if I make an effort to love God, people, animals and myself.
I'm better if I forgive, show mercy and extend grace. I'm better if I let go when I need to, and wise if I know when. I'm better if I can use my life as an example, and with purpose in every opportunity that is given to me, whether in conflict or peace.

I'm better if I give my full attention to others and am present with them. I'm better if I say less at times, and know when to speak up. I'm better if I'm humble, gentle and kind; but am OK if I'm not at times. I'm better if I stop and smell the flowers, sip tea on my porch and stand in awe of a full moon.
I'm better no matter what if I cultivate goodness, each and every day, in every way I see how.
That's true beauty.

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chelsea said...

Thank you very much for writing this. :)