Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beauty In A Photo

We all see beauty differently. Some don't see or recognize beauty at all. I couldn't imagine living in a world like that. Where in my mind and heart I didn't recognize beauty. My life would feel so empty not taking the time to look around and see what can be found.

It's always typically in the little things, isn't it? Could be a simple exchange between a stranger, or a bird that flutters by or even stops at your glass door and peaks in (which happened to me yesterday believe it or not)!

It could be the way your dog tilts his head when you come near him because he wants a touch from you, or it could be in the muffins you bake and everyone thinks they are tasty and enjoys them. There is beauty in someone enjoying my food. It brings me joy.

It could be the surprise letter or card you get in the mail from a friend, or a sweet note of encouragement someone writes you unexpectedly that makes your day. It could be that great cup of coffee at home in the morning when it's cool out and the birds are chirping or it could be a great deal you find on a top you've had your eye on for months.

Beauty is found in time spent with family, friends, and even people you don't know that well. It's found in serving that homeless person their meal, and telling them there is hope.

There is beauty in the books we read the art we see, and the music we hear.
But there is one beauty in particular that I wanted to share today. It's PHOTOGRAPHS.

This photo particularly just gets me. I have 16 and a half YEARS worth of photos now of my daughter. Each one has something beautiful that it represents. Each year she becomes more and more of a woman, and at 16 1/2, she is quite the young woman. There is something about this photo--I don't think my daughter appreciates it yet like I do, but I wanted to capture it because I know someday she WILL. It will be carried down to share with her children, and her children's children, and a lot of people will hold it in their hands and adore it.

I mean that's my BABY in that photo--a concept that is hard to grasp!

She may not appreciate it now, but I sure do. It's so beautiful to me. I wanted to capture beauty in the mundane. We've all stayed in hotel rooms and we've all put eyeliner on--how many times?? But I wanted to take a common everyday occurrence and create beauty.

I appreciate photography as art SO much--I think of all the old hollywood photography that I love. All the Marilyn Monroe pics, and the Kennedy's. There is something about the history there and the moment of that photo that is just so beautiful. I've always been drawn to the aesthetics of photos. Coloring, style, and angle.

This photo moves me and I'm so glad at the moment I decided to go for it!

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