Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrift Addict

I'd say that title suits me. I contemplated naming my blog this. But there is
so much more to life than thrifting. BUT I love it.

I have a long standing collection of vintage coats, jackets, tops, skirts, and even shoes.
No biggie, I just clean them
out with Baking Soda.

Most of the walls in my home are adorned with art I've found
from thrifting. It's served me well.

I've been shopping at thrift stores since I was 16, and haven't stopped since.
It can be a simple Owl statue I find, like I have in
this photo, or a sweet vase that makes all the difference.

There is beauty in these things.

And the other beautiful thing about it? My bill was maybe 7 dollars, maybe.

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