Why Beauty

I adore people and their stories, I love birds, nature, and traveling. I am an undying flower fanatic! I have an adoration for all things old from furniture to clothing. I'm a "mad" thrifter; it's my go-to pastime, next to getting lost in a Museum. The Musee D'orsey in Paris is my favorite Museum in the world. I love my my daughter, my dog, and decorating. I love God, and serving His people. I strive to be a good wife. My friends, my home, and my family are a treasure. My goal in life is to find beauty where it is unexpected; in the suffering of others and in my own suffering with disease, in the long day, in the mundane and in the evil. Doing this keeps me going, along with a lot of music and a lot of coca-cola, it's one of my sweet treats. 

I won't relent in the beauty of things because it is found EVERYWHERE--in the songs of birds, in their coloring and in the simple presence of another human being. I find it in helping make a difference and visiting the elderly. It's found in resolving conflict, asking for forgiveness, and in tears and laughter; separately or together. It's found in green grass, music, divine moments and in praying. It's found in a clean slate, and a person in recovery, and long lost friends. It's found in a family around the dinner table, playing Uno, going for a walk, or laying your head down at night. It's just there. Look around, I am. I'd love to hear about what you find beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am so happy you are here. I am so humbled you are following. 

I believe God is the creator
of all things beautiful, 
and he's a master at turning dark into light,
evil to good,
negative into positive,
and ugliness into something beautiful.

For me it's making an effort (at first) to notice these beautiful things. It could be that you have always seen birds, but never appreciated them. Or maybe you noticed them but didn't think much about them.
Or maybe it's that someone is rude to you, and you think there couldn't possibly be
anything beautiful about that--but I think there is. We can smile at them, WE can be
the change we wish to see. We can make a difference by being kind and loving to them. THAT'S beautiful to me.

It's knowing that life is full of brokenness, but even in that, there can be beauty, and actually
that is where so much beauty is found. In broken hearts, broken plans, broken relationships.
By recognizing that there is beauty in these things, means we are seeking and looking for something
deeper, something revealing, something new. God can use broken things and make them beautiful
if we allow it. 

We can learn deep rooted things about ourselves, and we can be open for change. We can gain new
perspectives. We just have to go after it. I'm praying for the day that we can all find change.