About Me

I became a Christian 10 years ago. Some words that word describe that relationship would be: beloved, bridegroom, serve, forgiveness, prayer, abiding, commune, grace, redeem, deliver, love, mercy, lavish, in awe, waiting, hearing, in love, worship. I once heard my pastor say, ‎"You discover what you actually believe about Jesus when you admit what it is you believe he thinks of you." 

I exhaustively search for wholeness, love an amazing cup of coffee,
enjoy a good latte'
a satisfying book,
girls weekends,
taking care of my family,
church, music,
an organic lifestyle,
but still enjoy an
ice cold coca-cola,
some crafting,
decorating rooms,
dreams of moving to Europe,
nature walks,
and there's something about pulling
down the blinds at dusk that I just love.
I love to travel when I am able,
and explore new towns, and I crave
I started out my adult life wanting to 
change the world, 
but have accepted that I can only contribute 
to a little change, and that is OK. If 
I pay attention to people, and focus on how
I can help them in ways I truly am able, then
that is still GOOD. 

I am constantly growing and moving -I feel spiritually, emotionally, and mentally I am never standing in the same place. I am continually evolving to become who I was originally made to be in God. Constantly becoming whole. And I am so so glad you are here!!! So nice to meet you, if you want to say HI send me an email, I love hearing from people!